Vegie Meaning

Hi! Has anyone else noticed that vegies are trying to tell us what they are good for but most people don’t notice? Like tomatoes look like a heart and they have lycopene in them that is good for the heart. Carrots are wide ant one end and narrow toward the other like a pupil narrows as it focuses better on something the same way vitamin A makes a person see better. If you slice a cucumber it looks kind of like a meniscus that is what cushions the joint of the knee and they help rebuild cartilage. Even eggplant is supposed to be great for the brain and the outline looks like a dendrite in the brain. Beets have red liquid like blod and they are great for purifying the blood and providing iron. There are probably more…


  • I love this idea and I am sorry to saw I havent noticed before but now that you mention it it totally makes sense! Oh now I am gonna be listening to my food to see what it tells me. I would love to “hear” more!


  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    hmmm… I agree with the tomatoes… They’re lovely and they want us to eat them and not digest the seeds (so we can fertilize them… tee hee) and cucumbers, I think they’re supposed to have much bigger seeds than they do usually… So about the same… I don’t think carrots want to be eaten… They want us to leave the root alone and eat only the greens… Same with beets, though beet greens are bright red and a very very good source of vitamin A and many other important things. Eggplants I really don’t know, heh, I used to love it but I get horrible heartburn just looking at it nowadays :c) It’s a really cool concept. Just think how much berries want to be eaten as well! Colourful and beautiful, blackberries and blueberries full of antioxidants because of that colour…

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