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Hey there Sunny! :o) I have a girlfriend across the U.S. from me and every two or three years we try to get together for a long weekend. She’s in Florida and I’m in California. We’re trying to plan something for this winter and I was thinking about Arizona. I’ve never been to the desert (just through it without stopping once) and it’s kind of calling to me. I wondered if you could give me any pointers of where to start looking? I’m thinking yoga retreat, spiritual journey kind of thing. Basically I have a VERY vague idea in my head and I’m hoping you can recommend anything like that. So far I’m not even sure what to type into Google to get started! ;o) Thanks in advance!

Love, Jen


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Hey Jen, There is always Sedona, if you go to google and type in Sedona Chamber of Commerce, I’ll bet you can find a TON of places that do retreats, etc. Also, Arizona has so many hotsprings…in fact one that I know does retreats is Hot Springs, AZ…LOL! I will go a little research for you and see what else I can find. It also depends when you want to visit AZ, summer or winter. That would give me a little more info. to help you. But, also, just thought about Phoenix, and all the resorts they have there that have really nice spas…Marriotte at Desert Ridge, Point South Mountain, and a few others I can’t remember just now. But, like I said, I will see what else I can find and get back to you!

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Right on, thanks! You’ve given me some good starting points already. :o)

    I think we’re looking at early February. Not even gonna try to get away before then, with the holidays coming up.

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