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I want to know who has tried the blessed herbs cleansing products and how did it work for you!


  • Also colonix! Im trying to decide which one to purchase. If anyone knows a site that has good reviews on such products please let me know.

  • I have not tried blessed herbs personally but I have a friend who did their colon clense and she highly reccomended it to me. I’m enthusiastic about giving it a go.

  • Ive tried the blessed herb colon cleanse twice and both times it was really good. The first time was right before I went raw and the second about 5 months after.

    Really scary to see the stuff youre hoarding in your colon, eventhough there was an improvement after 5 months raw. I would definently recommend it. Just a piece of afvice though, chose the mint the ginger is very strong.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Did the Blessed herb cleanse in Aug and it was the best program I ever did. I did it with a fresh juice fast(strained and diluted with water 50%) and couldn’t believe the stuff coming out on the 5th day with no solid food! I had been suffering from severe bloating for a long time and nothing I tried helped. This brought the lower belly pooch down a lot. I have been looking at the Dr natura program after seeing it mentioned on some recent posts. Since that one goes for months and contains an antiparasitic I will probably do this one also. I have lived in the country and been around animals my whole life so parasites are a distinct possibility in my case. I also have severe, uncontrollable cravings and this is a possible sign of parasitism. We’ll have to keep each other posted.

  • Thanks for the input all!

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