Fresh Juice Foam

Hi all – I just bought a new juicer that comes with a foam skimming attachment. Should I be skimming the foam away? Is it gas producing or otherwise un-fun? Or, can I just play coffee shop and slurp it right up? Any tips from more experienced juicers would be greatly appreciated.


  • I always drink the foam and hasnt noticed any sideeffects at all. Maybe its just a question of texture? to make the juice more smooth?

  • For fruit juices, I drink the foam. For green juices, I scoop the foam up. I do it for taste really. I think it’s based on peronal preference. (:

  • I always wondered about gas, but I try to stir it back in. My partner HATES the foam and always skims it off with a slotted spoon. So what I can’t get stirred back in, he removes.

    I find the slotted spoon method easier than messing with the attachment. I don’t find using the attachment to be particularly effective anyway.

  • i always run my green juice in the vitamix for a few seconds to get rid of the foam and add some other goodies..i.e ground flax,maca,green alage

  • I pour my juice in a gravey skimmer cup (the kind with the spout coming from the bottom), and pour from that so the foam stays in the skimmer cup and doesn’t end up in my glass.

  • Thanks guys, glad to hear that there are no concerns with the foam. I love it love it love it.

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