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Favorite Restaurants

kandacekandace Raw Newbie

Curious about your favorite raw restaurants or restaurants that might have a raw dish you love. In Portland, there are a couple restaurants we frequent, would love to hear of more if they exist (here and elsewhere).

  • The Blossoming Lotus has been a staple for us. They used to have a wonderful chef’s muse which I would love to see come back (3 courses chosen by the chef). Even without this treat, the food is always incredible and inspiring.
  • Old Wives Tales always has a salad buffet and vinaigrette dressings.


  • I work at Chaco Canyon Cafe in Seattle. We offer a regular menu of raw foods, the only in Seattle, and intend after our move 1/2 block west (to 12th and 50th, in the University District) to have even more raw specials.

    Our new space will also allow us to start producing some of our raw foods for wholesale at the local PCC.

    We’ll be closing in our current space on December 23rd and will be reopening in the new space around the 5th of January. Please come see us and celebrate this great move by enjoying some great organic, raw food, juice, and smoothies! :)

    -Chef Starrrie/Heather

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    So glad to hear about this restaurant in Seattle – we’ll put this on our list of places to visit! I wonder if there are any raw restaurants on the Oregon coast – we visit there frequently and the amount of fish is overwhelming!

  • I am on the Oregon coast and am not aware of any raw places around here (sadly). And yes, there is a lot of fish… I’m allergic to salmon, which would be quite the ordeal if I weren’t raw since its a staple down here!

  • there are a ton of raw places here in nyc. i’ve yet to experience the really famous places (so pricey!) but there are bargains to be found! LifeThyme on sixth ave in the village is a health food store with a salad bar and food counter with lots of raw options at a reasonable price. last time i was there i had veggie “wrap” and a sprouted lentil salad on mixed greens. mmm. Bonobo’s on 23rd street is a really casual raw restaurant, counter service only but with a large seating area. it’s inexpensive, and they have a wide selection. there’s also a great place upstate in woodstock called in the raw. it’s take-away only, but hey, it’s woodstock! so there are tons of scenic places to picnic.

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    well-i like sweet tomatoes -the resturant.i like it cause it has a 40 ft. salad bar of everything u could imagen.shredded jimica and all kinds of cabbage-shredded. the desserts are bis slices of watermelon and whole apples.there is all kinds of stuff there.

  • If you ever get the chance to eat at pure food and wine in nyc go….wonderful. Loved the atmosphere too.


  • Only one pure raw place in Toronto – Live Food bar…we also have Fressen which has one or 2 raw dishes. You would think in such a large city we would have more choices…but alas…not looking so good. On the plus side, I’m being taken to Live for lunch tomorrow and Fressen for dinner Friday :)

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