Questions for Jirizarry???

Jirizarry -

I saw your post on the “improved digestive?” forum and was wondering if you could share some information?

For a weak digestive system you did a 6 week fruit detox followed by several short water fasts. Could you describe the fruit detox you did to strenghten your digestive system??? I have started having problems with my digestive system. And I am very interested to know what you did to strenghten your digestive system. I am not familiar with water fasts. What would you recommend??? After reading your post I looked on online at some food combining rules. If you do not mind could you post the food combining rules you have on your computer. Searching the web I came across two books that caught my attention and wondered if you were familiar with them. One is called “Food Combining Made Easy” and the other book is called “History of Natural Hygiene and Principles of Natural Hygiene” both of the books are by Herbert M. Shelton. I appreciate any information you could share. Thanks!

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