Bad food allergies

I have bad food allergies and i dont know if it was zoe or who it was but they said going raw may help them. Im not 100% raw but im allergic to apples, plums, nuts, just about any fruit that has skin on it and can only eat it in a certain form whether its blended or as a juice. I would really love to be able to EAT some of these fruits someday and was wondering if after being 100% would i start seeing a difference. Any comments are appreciated!


  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Miss Thomas I think anything is possible as far as allergies go. What happens if you eat apples or plums? Do you start sneezing, or feel like your throat is closing, or some other thing? Eating the skin from citrus fruits can help you if you’re not allergic to them. Don’t include the white part but add it to cookies like the ones on this site by Kandace that are lemon coconut. You can add orange instead of lemon. It has properties of cortisone which is what some people take for allergies.

    The other thing is to make sure you get enough zinc- either from a supplement or pumpkin seeds. Chewable vitamin C with zinc is easy to take.

    The third recommendation is to get enough selenium. A supplement is good or mushrooms have it but you’d have to eat quite a nit of them.

    I was seriously allergic to cats so my eyes would almost seal shut and couldn’t breathe but now I’m fine. I haven’t had the same kind of allergies you have but I do think the more you build up your immune system the better off you will be. Being in school is always stressful so you’re body is probably depleted in a lot of these things.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I had myself tested for food allergies a couple of years ago and the literature stated that avoiding the culprit foods for 3 to 6 mo was usually enough time for the body’s immune system to “forget” the offending foods. The exception to this was wheat and dairy -most of the time. Some could eat these again. They did state that if you got over an allergy that you should never eat the food on a daily basis again, but rotate so that it was once every 2 to 3 days. I think that the inflammation created by the SAD probably encourages food allergy. Even if you are not all raw, avoid all processed foods and refined carbs. Stick to whole foods and you should be well on your way to healing and towards as raw as you want to be!

  • My throat feels like it is closing up and taking the skin off or shelling a nut before i eat it does not matter. I tried the pumpkin seeds yesterday for the first time and im allergic to them also. Thanks for all the advice though ladies.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I probably did say going 100% would help allergies. It is what I keep hearing from people over and over again.

    I have read in several different places that allergic reaction happens when your over worked immune systen just can’t take any more toxins and it becomes hyper sensitive. Ane over reacts to various things. So when you go 100% and give your body a break and a chance to repair itelf and regenerate its immune system, it makes sense that it calms down and stops over reacting to certain triggers.

    It is interesting that it is the skins of fruit and nuts that you are allergic to…Are you allergic to organic fruits and nuts too? I was wondering if you may be super sensitive to pesticide residue on non organic food skin.

  • Yes i am allergic to just about all fruits organic or not and nuts. For instance, this morning i woke up and before i even ate breakfast my throat was itching and is still itching up to this point. Its driving me nuts. I have not ate any fruit this morning so i guess it is time to give my body a detoxing and try being 100% through veggies and beans. My mother seems to think its the pesticides on the fruit also.

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Miss Thomas. Let us know how it goes. Sugar snap peas are great fresh and garbanzos can be soaked one or two days to sprout. Marinate them in lemon juice and olive oil if possible before eating, adding to salad, or making into dip. Any beans like lentils are great to sprout. Alfalfa is high in zinc and can be sprouted- but it’s usually sold in most grocery stores as sprouts already. Good luck!

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