Ear candling pain relief

I did a lot of research and basically the don't do what people claim. Although some people swear it offers relief. My ears were feeling congested, so I decided even if it doesn't extract earwax I would try it for some relief.

After ear candling, the first ear felt a little more congested at first and then back to normal. OMG the second ear, hot wax from the inside of the candle dripped into my ear and wasn't horrendously hot but hot enough to cause extreme pain. Now my hearing is worse off and I have a terrible earache in the second ear. I followed all instructions including the candle being straight so wax does not drip into ear. Also the first candle I put out at 3 inches and the second didn't get that far before i immediately yanked candle away after hot wax fell into ear. When examining what was left, I could see that the first candle was maybe a micrometer from falling into the other ear.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!! Extreme pain and only wax in tube was from the candle.

If anyone has suggestions on pain relief for the second ear please respond because this isn't pleasant. I was able to remove some of the wax from candle out of my ear, hopefully I got it all. But my ear is throbbing as I type this. Again, I wouldn't try this if I were you, and if you have children please don't use this on them because I would hate to see what happened to me happen to a child.


  • Day two and my ear is still incredibly messed up. This morning a piece of wax from the ear candling came out but my ear still really hurts, continues to pop, and sounds are incredibly muffled. Let me know of any solutions. Thanks

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Ouch! I hate to say it, but I would see a medical practitioner of one sort or another (whatever you are comfortable with) to make sure there isn't any permanent damage done to your hearing. 

  • phoebe17phoebe17 Raw Jr. Leader

    You should let a professional handle it. 

  • I'm forever going to be nervous now when I use ear candles. 

  • phoebe17phoebe17 Raw Jr. Leader

    No need to fret. You just have to be more careful. 

  • Some come with filters at the end. They *should* help prevent that. I hope. 

  • elizabethh5820elizabethh5820 Raw Newbie

    Update: I have been to a walk in clinic 2 times since then. My ear is still messed up. I constantly have fluid behind my ear drum. 

    it is now June of 2018. I was cleaning my inbox when I had seen a response to this. Needless to say I will never try this again. A the clinic they told me

    it was probably just an injury similar to what divers get. Probably just blood an fluid back there. I am still living with this. I still greatly advise against

    trying this. Not worth it. 

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