trouble posting reviews/photos from The Rawtarian Recipes App

BibiBibi Raw Newbie

Is anyone else experiencing trouble posting reviews or photos or new comments from The Rawtarian Recipes App?  If so, is there a way to fix the glitch without deleting and reinstalling the app?



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  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar
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    Hi Bibi! 

    I know you and I chatted about this over email, but I wanted to leave a note here in case anyone else is reading this.:)

    We were having technical difficulties, but everything should be back to normal now!

    Thanks for reporting - as always, it helps me to know when something isn't working right. That way we can fix it!




  • BibiBibi Raw Newbie

    Hi Laura-Jane!  Yes, we spoke about this via email and the issue was resolved and very fast at that.  I did post a reply earlier to this but I don't see it posted, so I'm adding this post just in case. Thank you for fixing the app glitch, I haven't had any problems since then. Yay

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