Amaranth sprouting experience?

HI Has anyone sprouted amaranth? I have had mine going for about 24 hours and it doesn’t look like anything is going to happen. I may have to cook it. Has anyone used quinoa in crackers? I have some of it sprouted and am wondering what I should do with it- has anyone tried anything new with it?


  • ZemphiraZemphira Raw Newbie


    I'm having this same problem and I might just end up cooking it as well. I've tried "popping" it as many websites/books recommend but I just can't seem to make it happen, most of it ends up burning.

    Anyone have experience using amaranth?

  • bexbex

    I soaked mine (probably for too long) for 4-6 hrs. I don't remember exactly how long as I was pretty busy that day. Then I spread it out on a baking sheet and covered it with a cheesecloth (my best option at the moment. After doing the rinse and drain thing over 2 days it just exploded.

    Long story short I'd say 1-2 days depending on it's environment.

  • ZemphiraZemphira Raw Newbie

    I'm confused, is the "exploded" part good or bad? I know people like to pop it in an air popper (doesn't work in mine, it just shoots it right out) or pan. I've been sprouting mine for a few days now and I followed the instructions from Sprout People, but I don't notice any sprouts and I don't know if it's safe to eat now or not.

    I might just have to resort to cooking it =\

  • I'm in the process of sprouting some right now. It has taken two days (no soaking, just rinsing 2-3 times a day) for the little tails to appear. It looks like they should be ready tomorrow afternoon or so. I moved the jar to a slightly sunnier place today and they've really started to grow. I tasted some and it reminded me of fresh corn from the cob...but maybe that's just me. Does anyone know of any recipes for the sprouts?

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    I made some banana porridge the other day with mine. Nothing special, but a filling breakfast. Just banana, amaranth sprouts and a sweetner all mixed up...

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