Gourmet Mushroom Sauce Beans Without Fear Of Fat

Mushroom sauce beans are considered a fasting dish because the only ingredient of tofu and shiitake mushrooms. Soft bean scented mushrooms serve hot with steamed rice will be very delicious!
Gourmet mushroom sauce beans without fear of fat
To make mushroom sauce/bean dish you need to prepare the following materials:

400 g of tofu
6 shiitake mushrooms
3 teaspoon doubanjiang sauce (can be replaced with Thai sweet chili sauce, Gochujiang of South Korea)
1 teaspoon spicy pepper
1 onion chopped
2 tẹp chopped garlic
1 little ginger sliced
3 TSP cooking oil
1 tsp of salt

1 teaspoon light soy sauce (light soy sauce)
20 ml water
1 tsp of salt
7 g corn starch or tapioca starch

How to do:
Step 1:
Cut the tofu into 3 cm. size chopped shiitake mushrooms. Dissolve the salt with water then soak tofu in water about 12 minutes. Then remove to drain. Part dissolves all of the sauce ingredients together.
Gourmet mushroom sauce beans without fear of fat
Step 2:
In a pan, non-aromatic dried onion, garlic, ginger.
Gourmet mushroom sauce beans without fear of fat
Step 3:
When the smell the aroma, you for shiitake stir-fry.
Gourmet mushroom sauce beans without fear of fat
Step 4:
Continue for tofu in mild island to avoid hand, do the beans were crushed. After 1 minute, then add the marinade doubanjiang on along with the pepper. Then pour the sauce mixed in on on.
Gourmet mushroom sauce beans without fear of fat
Step 5:
Simmer as long as 5 minutes. Bring the bowl using the heater.



  • RyanBreyRyanBrey Raw Jr. Leader

    Great recipe! Thanks!

  • aToolfanaToolfan Raw Newbie

    Why would you fear fat? Fatty acids are the most important part of any meal, diet, or plan. Of course they must be raw, unheated, unprocessed.

    Dr. Johanna Budwig (of the famous cancer cure, The Budwig Diet) was a protégé of the Nobel Prize winning Dr. Otto Warburg, and she knows her fat facts. Astounding information in her books.

    Don't fear fat. Fat doesn't make us fat. Sugar makes us fat. A diet high in quality fats will actually facilitate weight loss. The brain loves fat. The cell's membranes (the brain of the cell) use fatty acids to build themselves. Poor fats mean poor cellular communication.

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