Question for Chris Carlton and\or Zoe

Hi I have a question for Chris. The reason I’m not asking Zoe is because I didn’t see that you were really over weight at any point but Chris was. Did Chris eat a lot of volume at first and did he have a big appetite that he had to deal with or did he go to eating so much volume that appetite wasn’t a problem? Just curious. Anyone else who has been through this I’d be curious to hear from too.


  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Hi writeeternity, Yes volume and appetite are issues for me. I’d say my volume is normally so great that appetite doesn’t really come into it. One of the keys to me staying 100% was to seriously stuff myself with raw foods, and I did. I also have a habit of making food for 4 to 6 people every time I get busy in the kitchen, even though I may be the only one eating.

    One hard thing about raw for me is not being able to eat enough to get that packed feeling that comes from a parylized stomach. This has been a tool for me emotionally, all my life. It just does not work as well with raw food. Even when I overeat now, I don’t get that packed feeling like I used to. I have to deal with my emotions more now than when I was cooked.

  • Wow Thanks Chris! You did such a good job with your weightloss and I wonder if a person who is losing a lot of weight is different from someone who isn’t losing weight. I noticed Zoes Bread and thought now that might be the secret to what helped you do it and stick with it. That looks greatt and I have heard about some different breads with seaweed and sunflowers in them from Germany that are supposed to make a person lose weight even if they eat 10 slices a day.

    But I do feel like you are a very determined person and maybe it has to do with that primarily. Have you tried celery juice and honey- that is supposed to kill the appetite and pine nuts are as well.

    Have you gone a few days where you didn’t eat any fruit or grains and were super low glycemic to see what happened? By the third day at the Tree of Life I had to basically force myself to eat because they are basically zero glycemic, I also got a buzz off of some of the wild greens they had. Do you ever have wild greens?

    I know you can help a lot of people especially when you come here- to the U.S. and it’s hard for most people to be as determined as you are so I was wondering\hoping you had an edge where other raw systems of thought fell short. Or I feel like you do have an edge because you have been there and know what people are going through. Thanks for answering my question!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi writeeternity, I have permission to speak for Chris this time!

    Yes he did lose a lot of weight, most of it was lost during the first part of his 3 year transition to raw from a very SAD diet. He began with not eating any processed foods,cooking everything from scratch himself, and then going veggie, then vegan and then raw.

    He had lost most of it before he started eating my bread recipe.Apart from diet, he attributes a lot of his weight loss to positive thinking, he stopped believing that he would always be fat, that he was “the fat guy” etc. He also became involved with the Rebirthing Breathwork movement, and found this therapy helped him to change deeply in profound ways, which led to real joyous permanent change. See here for more about his journey: Chris’s Story

    I dont think he has gone for long without fruit, only when fasting. He likes his sugary drinks and fruits. We use fresh dates. It is really interesting that when you went without sugar your appetite went away, I think we are going to experiment with that too, just for fun :)

    Thank you for all your kind words. It means a lot to Chris, and me too.

  • Thank you so much for responding to my question Zoe and Chris! I am in a similar situation and have resorted to eating 2 cucumbers in a row. That seems to help but it seems unnatural to other people when they see you do that, or if they see you eat cucumbers for breakfast for instance! I also have gotten into eating miso soup and then throwing in a bunch of fresh vegetables, sprouts, greens, etc into the bowl. It really fills me up, doesn’t take any fancy equipment, but I’m not sure what the general raw community thinks about miso.

    For some reason Chris reminds me of Dr. Phil a t.v. host here. That would be so cool if Chris had his own show somehow! He is so well educated on the topic and probably has a great personality I’m sure! When’s Chris or you Zoe going to be on You Tube? That would be great!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    writeeternity you are very intuitive! I have always thought Chris is a bit like Dr Phil, he denies it all of course, I don’t think he even knows who Dr Phill is!! He’s going to get all that video stuff sorted out once we move to USA and have some more time on our hands. In probably 3 months time, just waiting for my visa…

  • thats so cool! do you know where you’re go to first in the u.s.?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    We’re going to Staunton, Virginia.

  • chris, what do you mean “paralyzed stomach”?

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Hi JustB,

    When we eat cooked food, it is not recognised by our body. Our body reacts in many ways to what it considers to be toxic material in the stomach. One reaction is Digestie Leukocytosis, a rise in our white blood cell count by 300%. Another reaction is mucus. Our system tries to protect itself by coating our inside bits with mucus.

    One other reaction, quite drastic, is the immediate shut down of our stomach or “stomach paralysis”. Our system just doesn’t know what to do without the enzymes telling it how to deal with our meal, so it stops. I wish I was always that wise. Wise enough to stop when I don’t know exactly what to do.

    Eventually our system starts back up and tries to handle the cooked food anyway. It doesn’t end up doing to much at all, that’s why cooked food eaters have large solid faeces. Cooked eaters are eating themselves into malnutrition. Their system either doesn’t want to assimilate anything from their food or it does not know how.

    Anyway the feeling of our stomach shutting down is what we all call feeling full. I have never been able to get this same feeling from a 100% Raw Meal. Believe me, I have tried. As a historically emotional eater, losing this emotional tool was a hard part of staying 100%. I always knew I could just pop out to the local take-out restaurant and in just a few minutes, that old friend would be back again.

    I hope all this helps. This issue is an important part of why the world needs raw food!

  • wow! thanks!

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