Parasite Cleanse

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Hi, I just finished a 10 day parasite cleanse and had some interesting discoveries to say the least towards the end of it. I’ve passed what kind of look like reddish brown twigs about 2-3 inches long. Seem like maybe liver flukes but they are longer than what I’ve seen in pictures online. Anyone know what they could be? I eat predominantly plant based which I think helped me tremendously in cleaning these nasty bugs out. The cleanse I used (after a ton of research) was a product I found on amazon called Intestinal Guard by Healths Harmony $14. And, I also used a colon cleanse product with it to help remove the dead parasites called Colon 14 Day Quick Cleanse by Dr. Tobias $15. Both products have all natural ingredients and were fairly inexpensive compared to other options. I’ll definitely be repeating this regimen again to maintain a healthy gut.


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    I can't say what they are but I'm happy you got them out. I think it's vitally important for everyone to do, especially if living in a warmer climate where the ground never freezes and parasites just thrive. 

  • Couldn’t agree more! I live in Puerto Rico with a year round temp of 80 degrees
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    It is great that more and more people realize how important it is to do the parasite cleanse, almost everyone has them nowadays! I haven't used any pre-made remedies for that, I eat fresh pumpkin seeds and oregano. 

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