Could humanity be insane due to our diet?

This is the line of thinking some amazing researchers are now exploring. Every ancient culture recalls a previous golden age, and comments on the increasing dysfunction of humans.


It seems like the scientific data is now revealing a similar story. Tony Wright has been exploring how a symbiotic relationship with fruit for millions of years may have resulted in an increasingly large and juvenile brain. The details are in the links below. It also details how the loss of this symbiotic relationship resulted in us slowly reverting back to a more typical mammalian brain, with our advanced symbiotic traits slowly eroding. The result is a worldwide dysfunction and an increasingly deluded and fear based population.

Is it any wonder that we all feel so amazing eating a raw food diet?


Here is a recent interview: 


And a lot more summary on his patreon page. He has been very reluctant to accept help in this monumental project but considering it's importance we have finally talked him into creating this page.

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