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Gotta have surgery!!

Ok! I gotta have three of my wisdom teeth pulled and im nervous (one is growing in sideways). I want to know if anyone else had their’s pulled and how was recovery. Also, what were you able to eat or were you on a liquid diet.


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I had mine pulled out a long time ago. And yes, I remember it was a liquid diet (I was a kid so we had chocolate milkshakes and I think ice cream)and honestly you won’t want to eat any solid food. You will want cold, liquid stuff to numb it. I think I remember the area being swollen and having some sort of pain killer that knocked me out in two seconds. I remember having a bunch of cotton in my mouth for the blood. I hated that part. This was quite a while ago (I had them pulled when I had braces – the doctor figured to get it out of the way since I would have to have it done anyhow).

    It might be done differnet now – I don’t know. I was young so they put me to sleep as they did it.

    I can remember how long I had just liquids – at least a few days. The first day is the worst of course.

    So, have alot of smoothies ingredients ready!

  • Oh yeah that was a fun one… I actually had to have my wisdom teeth cut out because they didn’t fully grow in. Also, it was gonna cost some ridiculous amount of money to get “knocked-out” during the surgery. so all i had was my mouth numbed and I was awake the whole time. I don’t remember eating much of anything for a good 3 days, and mostly liquid after that for a few more days. I also had a week or two’s supply of a pain killer called oxycontin, and I garantee if you get that you won’t ve feeling anything… although you also won’t be able to drive… or walk straight… or function at all like a normal person.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    haha that brings back memories. Memories of being wired shut after a major jaw surgery. They worked on my both my upper and lower jaw! So consider your self lucky :) But anyways I would stick to some nice green smoothies and other high calorie fruit smoothies. It wont be too drastic dont worry. Just whip a lot of bananas mixed with nuts or seeds of your choice. You could even add some cacao or carob to the mix for some extra flav.

    Try this one out for size: 5-6 bananas 1/4 to 1/2 cup nuts of choice 2-3 tbls cacao or carob 1 tsp of vanilla extract or vanilla bean

    I really dont like eating too much fat, but after minor or major surgery your body needs to repair and recover.

    Hope everything goes well and the pain is not too great. You will be in my prayers.


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I guess I am the odd one out…my husband and I both had our wisdom teeth out, and neither of us had much discomfot afterwords. In fact, both of us were eating solid foods the same night! Our wisdom teeth were partially grown into our mouths already, so I don’t know if that made a difference in the pain and discomfort. Just wanted to offer a different perspective!

  • i am with spiritedmama – i ate dinner without any problem that night. good luck!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    you guys were lucky. I know I had stitches with mine – they probably were not grown all the way out since I was only like 11. I must admit I liked that painkiller – I never fell asleep so fast in my entire life. :)

    Funny we are talking about this today. I just found a interesting little article on Yahoo about wisdom teeth:


    I guess some people never get them.

  • Thanks humanimal that’s sweet and everyone else for the advice.

  • I had 3 of mine done and I was eating solid food that evening also. Just take care and do what the doc tells you about rinsing. YOU DO NOT WANT DRY SOCKETS. I heard that really sucks!

  • I had all 4 of mine surgically removed (they were impacted – they had to break them and remove the pieces.. it ws pretty bad) I remember drinking lost of cold juice.. but i wasnt in too much pain, and i was able to interview at a college the next day. One of the stitches got a little infected or something i think.. but that was the extent of my discomfort. Good Luck!

  • I had mine pulled out a few months ago. It wasnt as nearly bad as I thought it would be… yah youre in discomfort and pain but it goes away much faster than you would think. mine took like 2 or 3 days to fully heal to my surprise! i second the dry sockets!

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