black walnut kernels

I somehow managed to accidentally order Black walnut pieces instead of the usual walnut halves from my work the other day.. and I am trying to figure them out. I soaked them.. and they still have strange smell/taste. They just don’t taste/smell the same as regular walnuts.. and weren’t even that sweet after I soaked them. I have a HUGE jar of them now so I’m hoping I could do something with them. How can I get the skins off? Maybe that would help with the taste a little.



  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    black walnuts are supposed to taste different. They have been used for many years a medicine. The main medicinal property in them is that they act as a cery strong antibiotic. Thats why they have a distinct sharp smell and taste to them. Use them in smaller quantities than you would regular walnuts.

  • Sorry if this is way off topic but there was a black walnut tree here… they cut it down cause it was too close to the road (so sad :( ) but there were these black walnuts everywhere. My dad saved the wood cause he said its apparantly valuable…. But thats so interesting to know about the walnuts themselves! I almost collected a few but I think my laziness got the better of me and I just… didn’t… >>;;

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