2 big problems: Fainting spells!!!

raw fooders help me! im a newbie at this site but i’ve been delving into raw food since august 2007 or so. i cut out red meat earlier on this year and now almost completely raw, although one never knows for sure if something has been toyed with.

recently, its becoming more frequent for me to faint, especially when i walk down stairs, the other day i just blacked out. i do have a low heart rate and blood pressure, but surely the fainting should have been more before raw.

also, my body mass is on the lean side.

I eat like a cow. nuts are just so addictive for me so i dont buy them often. so coconuts and avocados usually do the trick, taking them daily. I eat and juice fruits and veggies of all sorts. and exercise properly weekly, walking in school is pretty much all i have time for.

whats wrong with me? AHHH.


  • sorry its one problem. i really suck at maths dont i.

  • Hi there. I could give you a few recommendations but the most important and first one would be to go to the doctor and ask him/her to run a full blood test. You need to know if your blood is showing something wrong. I speak out of experience. You could have low magnesium, potasium, B12 (this one is very dangerous as it causes pernicious anemia and one could die from this one),etc. Your low blood pressure could certainly be the culprit of your fainting but only if it is low enought. What is your reading? Tip: when you go to the doctor, if you go, don’t tell him you are into raw foods as it would probable cause you a lot of problems with him/her and they will blame it to your diet, specially if it turns out you levels of B12 are low. When I first detoxed and followed several short water-fast, I have similar symthoms as yours, among others. My blood test showed nothing wrong. I even had higher emoglobine levels than average which the doctor found to be really good. He said it was all in my mind, but turned out to be later chronich fatigue and fibromylgia, and this does not show up in blood test. You get the diagnostic by differencial diagnostic, so testing for this that and if nothing else comes out, then you have them. Detox, raw diet and water-fast fixed everything. Also, I had to avoid unneeded stress in my life, work, etc. I did have to change my life style. No doctor told me this, I learned it myself after completing the course in Natural Hygiene from www.fitforlife.com. My two main problems turned out to be a sick intestine,which could give you all the symptoms you are describing, and an overall low nerve energy state. Detox, raw diet, and water-fast solved it but it was not from one day to another. it took be a year to fill completely free of symthoms and about 2 years to return back to work. My fatigue and pain condition was chronic. The point is that I did experienced what you are experienced and I first whent to the doctor and then, when they did not find something and said it was all in my head, I took matter on my own hands. If you do not water-fast, at least once, you chronic sympthoms may not go away for a very long time. Have you informed yourself in this area of water-fasting?

  • thanks for the advice! oh i think i definitely have a weak intestine. i had severe problems with digesting any grain and too many nuts. and used to feel sick and puke. please explain me the water fast, its sounds as if i might faint on that, water has no calories….i go to school so i need energy. they always say its all in our heads, RUBBISH! i dont trust doctors. only gurus. my pulse is way below normal, my lowest has been 40-45 beats per minute. average resting is 60 bpm. i can’t remember my pressure but last time i checked they said it was slightly below average range.

  • kauaigirlkauaigirl Raw Newbie

    I just listened to some of David Wolfe’s interviews from the Best Day Ever…and he mentioned that not using a good sea salt in your diet can be very dangerous, unbalancing and can cause low blood pressure and fainting. Wondering if you have been avoiding all salt?

  • i dont know, i just use the salt we have in the house. maybe you’re right, i need good sea salt, we just have iodized salt. which salt do you recommend? someone told me its because im eating too many yin foods (yinyang balancing) , like fruits and watery veg. but those are the fundamentals for the raw diet…:s

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