Shout Out to Humboldt, CA

chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

I used to live in Arcata. That’s were I went Veggie! I was there for a few years and I will always smile when I think of those times and that area. I liked it so much that when Zoe and I got married we made Humboldt part of our Honeymoon.

We were there in 2005 and while there, we were pleased to find a Great Raw Cafe in Blue Lake. I am wondering if it is still going. Does anyone know? I don’t remember the name, but Blue Lake is pretty small so if it is still open, I’m sure any locals would know.

The Living Light Culinary Institute is located in the county just south of Humboldt on the coast in a small town called Fort Bragg. Come on Northern Californians. This is your chance to say Hi!

So, are there any Humboldt locals on GoneRaw. I guess I’ll finally find out.

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