I am certainly not granolier than thou, but I just wanted to know if anyone has had one of these PranaBars. They say they are 75% raw and have a really nice blurb about the importance of enzymes in the body. There’s also this section that talks about how they slow cook the nuts and seeds to denature the enzyme inhibitors. Does anyone have some scientifically based opinions about the effect of slow cooking on nuts and seeds? Does this translate to fruit/veg?


  • According to the Natural Hygiene, cooking nuts is more of the more detrimental things to do because it changes its chemical composition and what it becomes it is completely toxic for the body. This toxins increments the toxicity level in the human body and contributes to an excees of toxins in your body contributing to all kind of disseases. I might steam once in a while some vegetables like cawliflower and broccoli, just a bit – they still hard and cunchy, but I will never never eat cooked nuts and fruits. Never. If you wish, I can post the pieces of information from my Natural Hygiene course where thy talk about how detrimental is to cook proteins, including nuts. It is very interesting and very enlightening.

  • as chris carlton said in the other post, 75% raw means cooked in disguise. how can something be raw when 25% is cooked, raw means 100% girl! i used to eat prana bars, its quite sickening after more than one bite. in fact, you never know what goes into these products, I just fouund out larabars are not 100% organic. Nuts, if placed at a heat where it denatures will automatically become toxic. cant wait to get a dehydrator when im older.

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