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questions for natural hygienists

stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

i don’t know much about this lifestyle and am curious about some things. i know that water fasting is a big component to the healing system, but i have read that it is not good for diabetics, i wonder if a short water fast (2-3 days) would do any good, or if it takes 4 days for the healing to begin. also i wonder what you think about alternative therapies such as chiropractic work, accupuncture, herbal medicine, etc.

forgive my ignorance, i know very little about the philosophy and practice of this diet.


  • hi. Well, you are doing the correct thing in asking about things you do not know so you get informed first. I did a course in Natural Hygiene at the fitforlife.com institute. If you are diabetic, If I were you I would not fast by myself alone before I have consulted first an experienced Natural Hygiene practicioner. I did the course, but I do not practice. I have not fasted somebody with diabetic. I did fast myself with a severed and advanced vitamine B12 deficiency but after I first consulted Dr. Vivian Victoria Vetrano. She worked with Dr. Shelton when he had his retreat and he has many many years of experience fasting many different cases. In my case, I was so weak, I could not fast longer than 48 because I got into a delirious state. So, as you can see, I did need to eat, minimal food very minimal, and only fast 48 hours at a time. I worry about your diabetis because during a fast the blood sugar levels will drop and if you are diabetic I do not know how violent would that be for your body. I will really recomend you to get in contact with her: Vivian Virginia Vetrano, D.C, hM.D. The Rest of Your Life Health School & Retreat PO Box 102, Barksdale, TX 78828 USA 830.234.3499 vetrano@peppersnet.com http://www.roylretreat.com/vetrano.html Dr. Virginia Vetrano P.O. Box 1056 La Vernia, Texas 78121

    Tel: 830-779-2378

    I will consult my Natural Hygiene books and if I find something additional I will post it for you.

  • I found this interesting website but they are talking about consulting an normal ortodox doctor for the fast, which normally could be agains water-fasting, but the info is useful. There are health retreats where people are fasting under supervision too.

  • well,what I found is that depending of the kind of diabetics you have you could fast supervised or unsupervised, but a diabetic can fast. As I said before, if I where you I would contact an experienced Hygenist Practicioner (by telephone) first. the one I adviced you is a very good one. She should know what should be best for you.

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    well i have type 1 diabetes, so its a serious situation. doctor’s have told me that not taking insulin even for a couple days could make me end up in the hospital. if i was water fasting and still taking insulin, the chance of going low is very great,especailly while i am sleeping. i think a juice fast could be safe and effective, maybe just juice not too sweet fruits and vegetables. that way i could taper off my insulin intake as needed.

  • I don’t have any background in natural hygine, but my father was labled a brittle diabetic so I’ve seen the effects of hypoglycemia many times. If I were you I would fast under supervision, or at least keep a glass of fruit juice next to my bed at night. I wouldn’t see the need for insulin while water fasting as you wouldn’t be ingesting any extra sugar for your cells to uptake. Plus, low sugar is far more dangerous short term than high sugar levels. My father sometimes had sugar readings in the 20’s, but if it went below 1.5 he would start violently shaking. He probably ate the worst diet known to man, which certianly didn’t help any. Going raw is for sure the best thing you can do for your health. It’s good to see that you’re starting to take your health into your own hands, because modern medicine is not going to cure your diabetes anytime soon.

    Maybe a scoop of hemp protein powder into your juices would help also. That way you could slow down the sugar absorbtion.

    Also, I looked at your myspace page and I noticed that you believe in past lives and such. You might be interested to know about a man named Bryan Farnum (http://www.onlygodheals.com). He works with healing past life and soul issues which may be the cause of your illness. I have personally seen him and believe he truly has a gift.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Maybe you could do a glucose curve on yourself-very frequent checks so you know what your sugar is doing. Make your juice the same every time , if possible so that you will have an idea of what is going on and then check frequently anyway. Hopefully this would allow you to take a low dose of insulin either as needed or scheduled- depending on your system and how you respond – so that your glucose doesn’t go to high. If you choose to water fast, your glucose will still elevate but it would take longer. Again, you would have to check very regularly and use small doses of insulin as needed. It would be safest to have someone around in case you did get too low or shoot very high.

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    thanks everyone! rawchocoholic: past life regression therapy is on my list of things to do:) i’ve been looking for someone in my area that does that sort of thing. i will check this link you have provided, thanks!

    deborahann: i check my levels VERY frequently—probably at least 6 times a day. i’ve already lowered my doses to half of what i was taking before going raw. as far as i know, and i could be wrong, i would still have to take the long acting insulin, even if i’m only consuming water, but i should be able to eliminate the short acting insulin. i live with someone who keeps a constant eye on me, making sure i’m okay, but he has basically forbidden me from water fasting, saying its too dangerous. i think i’m going to try juice fasting (i’m really almost there anyway) for a week and then maybe try a 24 hour water fast and see how i do.

  • Hi Stylistchick, You may consider doing this type of fast under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor in your area. They are very like minded people and should be very supportive in your endeavor. Check out the website www.naturopathic.org for a partial listing of ND’s who are properly educated and licensed. Also, your state may have a local naturopathic group to contact. Good luck!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I have multiple sclerosis and I do all of the things you’re asking about. Right now I’m on the fourth day of a water fast. I want to go for 10. I read the book “Fasting and Eating for Health” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and another by Isabelle Moser before starting this. I believe it would help you to get information before a fast so that you can know what to expect. For a short fast, doctor supervision isn’t necessary, but for a long fast (20-40) days, it is highly recommended. Dr. Fuhrman is an MD and believes that fasting will heal diabetes as well as many other diseases. Chiropractic has been good for me. My chiropracter uses a non stressful machine called Pro-Adjuster that uses frequency to realign the spine. My acupuncturist helped get my juices flowing, as I had a blockage in my meridian that caused me to store toxins. That’s what he told me anyway. I felt awful for three days after the first treatmemt and the needles scared me, but they didn’t hurt and I felt much better later. I also had psychiatic therapy to let go of stress and release any guilt or sadness in my life. I didn’t feel that I had any, so that didn’t help me. I might not have wanted to believe it. I only went once. The cost and the way it forced me to look at my past were both more than I wanted to experience again. I would rather just move on.

    It might be helpful if your “someone” learned more about fasting as well. Fear of the unknown could be eliminated with some knowledge.

  • For lots more on diabetes look at this thread:


    I posted a link to Robby B’s blog, he is a type 1 diabetic getting off insulin naturally. His results are really spectacular. You can consult with Dr. Graham and do the same.

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    socal: i read you friend’s blog a while back, and i couldn’t believe, the immense volume of food he was consuming! it was mind boggling to me how anyone could eat so much especially a diabetic. its six o’clock and all i’ve eaten today is 6 oz of carrot juice, a green apple and a cup of tea. maybe i’m the one who’s not normal.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    According to Dr. Doug Graham, I should have eaten at least 1100 calories per day without much fat, more if I were physically active. That is a tremendous amount of raw food. I was trying to follow his 80/10/10 diet. I couldn’t eat that much! I decided on balance over quantity.

  • stylistchick, the guy who writes that blog is a big guy, I believe that he is over 6 feet tall. I don’t think your requirements are anything like his. He also is quite active. He is not the only one who is being helped with the diet, there have been many others who have reduced or eliminated the need for insulin. Dr. Graham is very generous with his time on his forum at Graham Forum

    If you pose an anonymous question there he usually answers and you can’t argue with the price as he does this for free (he will not give specific advice but general advice).

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