Oooops, I'm Sorry!

When I posted this Mushroom recipe, I did it from memory because I have made it a lot recently and I know the items and quantities very well. My mistake was that I use these mushrooms that come in a package or what in the UK is called a punnet. I normally use 2 of these punnets for the recipe, and while posting the recipe I guessed that each punnet was about 2 cups of mushrooms.

I was way off! Each punnet actually makes 4 cups of broken mushroom pieces, not 2. I posted the recipe saying a total of 4 cups Mushrooms when it should have been 8. I realized my mistake when I made the recipe again last night and something told me to measure the Mushrooms.

I have learned my lesson and also changed the recipe so that it is now correct!…

I’m sorry for any waste of time or mushrooms this may have caused.

Lovebows, Chris

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