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Me and my husband FINALLY managed to get ourselves time off and plane tickets and are going to spend a few days in Vancouver. We’re going to be moving there this spring so it’s quite important… Anyone knows of something we HAVE to do while we’re out there?


  • I’d say check out Granville Island (In the market place you can get some ogranic food at ‘Spud’s’ stand). I wouldn’t visit Vancouver without seeing the Aquarium – I used to volunteer there. If you or your husband have any specific interests/ideas I could probably help out a little more. If you don’t mind me asking, where in Canada do you currently live?

    Oh yes, pray for sun, but bring an umbrella. You can do a lot of your raw shopping at Choices. They also have a lot of natural make-up, creams, and shampoos . . . although they do tend to be a bit pricier.

    P.S. My cat used to love sleeping in the sink also ;)

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    Bender would love to sleep in the sink more often, he only crawls in there when we leave the bathroom door open by mistake…

    We’re actually staying at a hotel in Granville (my boss got me employee discount there) so getting to Granville Island shouldn’t be hard at all…We currently live in Winnipeg (yes it’s the Wal-Mart of Canada, I know.) Vancouver is hopefully going to become our home in a few months though :c) Thank you for your pointers, they’re very helpful! May I ask, where you are from?

  • I’m actually from Vancouver, so I can help you out with pretty much anything you’d want to know! You’ll probably find it easier being raw over here. We have a fairly large organic/health food movement. In fact, there’s even a society called RawBC. Also, an area called Kitsilano has a lot of yoga, herbal, organic, and ethnic stores. Hope you like Vancouver!

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    Our friend suggested Stanley Park, that sounds like it would be neat. Oh man. I’m excited. Not only would it not be Winnipeg, it would also be a really nifty place. AND our friend that lives there is a really cool one.

  • My favorite area in Vancouver is Commercial Drive. There used to be 2 raw restaurants there but I think they are closed but if you go to Sweet Cherebum (a veggie restaurant on the Drive) they usually have an awesome raw raspberry pie. Stanley Park is definitely worth checking out and if you’re there around Halloween you can go on the spooky train ride through the park, so fun! It’s funny, I used to live in Vancouver but it was during such a different time in my life (party, party) that all the places I used to go don’t really seem appropriate anymore. The only reason I go there now is to visit friends. Anyway I’m sure you’ll have a great time and I just remembered that if you have some money Science World is super cool.

  • The aquarium is in Stanley Park, which is also why I mentioned it. In fact, you can see the belguas and the sea lions for free by walking through the park. Although, we were hit with a huge storm last winter and we lost A LOT of old trees. Oh yes, The Drive is also great, although I haven’t really been down there much. I tend to gravitate to the places closer to the ocean (marine biology student). I think I’ll have to try the raw raspberry pie . . .

    Vancouver really is quite nifty. Plus, our winters are much milder. One of my relatives came in from Saskatoon and called us wimps as he walked around in the middle of winter wearing short sleaved shirts. I heard that Winnipeg is beautiful in the fall though.

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    Oh man, the winter thing… That would definitely be nice. Winnipeg is alright in the fall… It is how I’ve first seen it and I did love it at first. However, winters are ridiculous. And being poor and carless, I end up outside walking a lot. I don’t think I’ll get frost bitten in Vancouver, will I? That’s it, I’m already sold.

  • Frostbite shouldn’t be a problem. We rarely get much snow (with the exception of last winter). However, you will have to learn to love the rain. Plus, downtown is quite dense, so it’s probably quicker to get places. When are you guys coming out here?

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    Next Monday we’ll be over for a few days, until Friday. Then in May I’ll fly out there by myself to get things going, and Matt will follow with a U-haul whenever ready. I refuse to drive there :c)

  • Driving by May would probably be fine. You probably don’t want to be driving the coquihalla in the middle of winter. We made it across in a small old car with disfunctional windshield wipers, in the middle of a heavy snowfall. However, that’s about the LAST thing I would recomend. I’d like to know what you think of Vancouver though.

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    It’s not the season that bothers me, it’s the fact I’d have to be in a car for more than a couple of hours. The lack of movement makes me go insane, and I won’t be much use anyway, I don’t have a license. So I’ve decided to be spoiled and fly there before Matt. I’m really crazy anxious about this though. I can’t wait to get out there. I want to get as much as I can out of this little visit as I don’t know anything about the area but every single person tells me “oh you’ll love it there”

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    I just came back, here is what I have to say- OMG downtown Vancouver is sweet, I had a blast. In general Vancouver is a very very nice. I would love to live there, I was actually very crabby about having to go home. Poor Matt. There’s a raw food place downtown called ‘Gorilla food’ that was walking distance (well, my walking distance at least) from the hotel, and we went there a few times. It was great. We actually took our non-raw friend with us and he loved their raw pizza very much. We also had to go to New Westminster because Matt had an interview at Douglas college and the kind of steep climbs we had just walking down the street, I was spoiled living in the prairie for the last few years :c) I didn’t like New West, but we won’t live there anyway. Oooooh we also went to Stanley park and walked around a lot. It is gorgeous. We didn’t go to the aquarium because it was too pricey and our friend and tour guide said he was in there a million times- I figured I’d be moving there in 6 months anyway, and we did want to spend time with him.

  • I never knew there was a raw food restaurant downtown! I’ll have to check them out sometime soon. Glad you liked Vancouver though. I’ve never been overly fond of New West either. Basically Vancouver and North Van are the best places. You can take the seabus across and visit the key market. In fact, I probably should have mentioned that before . . . What area did you guys like the most?

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    Definitely the downtown area, Granville island was pretty neat. We won’t end up living around there, we would most likely move to Burnaby for easier access to school and to actually be able to pay rent. Oooh and gorilla food- it is on Richards just off Hastings, and they are teeny right now- a hole in the wall. BUT the guy said they’re moving soon. They rock, you should give them a try. They had very good chocolate fudge :c)

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    I know I’m waking up a very old thread but… Guess where I’ve been the last 2 weeks or so! Anyone from the area has advice for a newbie…?

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