Beating obesity

If anyone needs any extra inspiration to go and/or stay 100% raw and is fighting obesity, and are great websites. I myself am obese and decided to go all the way starting tommorrow. I have been going back and forth from sad to vegan for way too long and am ready to make a change in my health. Maybe one day there will be a link on goneraw for journals and whoever chooses to document their journey going raw could share it with others! Blessings



  • CandiceCandice Raw Newbie

    As someone who has beaten obesity, I can only encourage you and insure you that you CAN accomplish your goal! I just blogged about this a couple of days ago. I was 5’4 and stopped weighing myself at 176lbs. I’m sure I gained a couple more before I started losing. I’ve lost over 40 pounds, regained some, and lost it again, and since going mostly Raw, the excess fat is still coming off.

    I’m glad you’re finding inspiration wherever you can. It seems that quite a few people on this site have been successful at healthy weight loss.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    I beat mine, anyone can!!! I had tried everything before. Atkins, Meds, Gyms, etc. None of it ever worked for more than a month or so. It made me feel that it wasn’t possible for me to lose weight. Now I know the truth. I lost 160+ pounds (12 stone) and beat all my other health problems as well.

    I just posted a new set of my Before and After pictures at

    If you or anyone else needs support please write me at the contact address on the above website. Lovebows, Chris.

  • Thanks guys for the comments and support! I use to be worried about the transition but now i feel that it’s just something i gotta do for myself and im not worried anymore.(detoxing, etc) Also, i ordered a manual treadmill and it arrived today. Great timing. Peace.


  • Being raw leads to long term health.

    You’ll see the benefits. There isn’t really a reason to weigh yourself.

    If I were a young person needing to lose weight I’d focus on (1) eating raw and (2) moderation (not too much coconut).

    When I was young person needing to lose weight more than 20 years ago, I lost weight by not looking at the scale and focusing on what maintenance (proper daily eating ) should be. The weight came off without me looking at the scale.

    Raw will definitely make you more effortlessly beautiful than the old methods did. But you definitely want to think long term, not short term.

  • Yea im 21! I stopped weighing myself a while back because it can be depressing. Thanks for the encouragement and advice itourist.

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