where do you get raw organic Cacao nibs/beans?

Recently I have been trying to add variety to my strictly 100% raw life ( I have been living solely on fruits, vegetables, walnuts/sunflower/sesame seeds for half a year). I have read quite a few articles about the nutritional benefits of raw cacao beans, so I ordered Navitas Naturals Raw Cacao Nibs from Amazon. It costs 25$ for 2*16 oz, which is the best price I have found on the internet. I received it yesterday and tasted several nibs, which are pretty nice, though bitter. Now I have some questions: 1, Does anyone know a better price and better place to get it? Is the one I got a trusted raw brand? 2, Is it a good idea to add cacao beans to my diet? I mean, do they just talk about the good things about it but leave out the bad things for the sake of advertising.



  • I know of a store in San Francisco that sells them if that helps, but I don’t know if they ship from the store. You could also try Whole Foods if there is one near you.

  • Navitas brand is the cheapest I’ve seen, all the other brands I’ve seen around my area have been almost twice as much. I like to spread a thin layer of honey on a big spoon, and coat it with cacao nibs, it’s soo good for a chocolate fix!

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