Raw Chocolate Bars

I was wondering if anyone has experience and/or suggestions for making raw chocolate bars at home (you know, like Hershey bars but much, much better). I have some raw cocoa nibs and raw cocoa powder arriving in the mail soon and I am eager to experiment with it. Thanks!


  • There is a really good raw chocolate recipe on this site. I have made this, chilled it, broken it in pieces and used them as chocolate chips in cookie recipes. Once in the dehydrator they will even “melt!”


  • Renoir, thank you. This is exactly the kind of recipe I was looking for. Somehow it didn’t come up when I did a search in the recipe section. Hmmmm.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Thank you Renoir~ for posting the reference to the recipe. I can’t believe I missed that one in the recipe list! I soooo want to do this recipe. I kinda eat a “bit” of chocolate and if I can make a “healthier” version, I’m all for it! I actually bleed chocolate when I cut myself.

    PS. As soon as I clicked the “Save Change” button, my mind went wild… hmmm… add a bit of mint or mint extract (is there a mint oil?) for an After Dark Mint chocolate version, a bit of peanut butter for a Reeses PB Cup version, a bit of orange oil a Terry’s Orange Chocolate version… oh… put the chocolate in a chocolate mold!!!!!...

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