Soybean sprouting

I am currently sprouting soybeans for the first time. Has anyone ever had success doing this? I went on and followed their directions but they did say that soybeans are one of the hardest to sprout. Anyway, after I soaked the hard beans, they plumped up and look like edamame… yeah! I drained and rinsed, etc. and I am noticing that some of them are getting dark spots. Is this normal or does that mean they are going bad?

Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!


  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi Renoir. I do sprout soybeans and some of them get dark,so I throw them out.I will try my favorite vegan recipe that is tofu+tahini in the food processor.I will make it by myself with soybean sprouted and sesame seeds+oil and water.I make raw tofu with my soaked soybeans (1 c sprouted soybeans for 3 days +1 c water in the blender,and than pour it in the cheese cloth overnight.)Delicious!! I do love it.

  • I’ve been sprouting soybeans. I soak overnight, & then after another day, they get little tails.

    However, I just did a google search on them, & some people say they aren’t healthy. I sure enjoy the way they taste, but this Dr. Melcola is really down on soy. Is this guy reputable?

    If you want to go ahead & sprout soybeans, maybe look for another seed source. Mine did not get dark spots. Or maybe, I did not sprout mine long enough. I tend to eat sprouts with shorter tails. I got mine from the bulk foods bin at Whole Foods.

  • I got mine from the bulk foods bin at my local co-op. I think I left them too long without rinsing since I was out of the house from 5:oo am to 11:00 p.m. last night. They had long tails, but a lot more dark spots. I put them in the refrigerator last night when I got home and I am going to try to do something with them when I get home later.

    As far as Dr. Mercola goes, I have never heard of this person before. Foods seem to go in trends, and for a while soy protein was all the rage. Every doctor recommended it and it was showing up in every product. Before soy, it was “Fat Free!!” The same trends have happened with the Atkins or Zone diets or … you name it. There are doctors out there who will claim that the raw food diet isn’t healthy. The way I see it, if I enjoy soybeans and I feel good eating them, then I can’t be doing too much damage. Some people think red meat is good for you and enjoy the way that tastes, so I think I am still better off with my soy!!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Dr. Mercola is very reputable….and I have to agree with him. Soy is something that should NOT be in ANYONE’S diet. It is horrible for your endocrine system, especially your thryoid. I have a website that I put together that has TONS of studies done on soy and how bad it is for you. It is if you are interested.

  • spiritedmama – Nice website with lots of interesting soy facts!

    For 12 years, I ate lots of soy nearly every day, in my cooked vegan life. Soy had always seemed like the ultimate health food. These studies must have been well hidden from the general public.

    I’m now discovering so many new things in my 100% raw journey. Actually, I didn’t even try sprouting soybeans until a couple weeks ago. I was in NYC for a weekend, and noticed that the health food stores there had soy sprouts. So I added them to my garbanzo, lentil, and mung sprout garden. Hopefully, these other seeds will still pass the “health” test.

    I can probably live just fine without soy, but I also imagine that in moderation, some soy would be okay. And I bet all that soy stuff that I had been eating for 10+ years was still a lot better for me than cow, chicken or fish.

  • Spiritedmama – I just read all of the soy info on your website… OMG!! That is crazy. When I was (cooked) vegan, and even vegetarian, I ate soooo much tofu and other soy protein and meat substitutes. It is really hard to imagine that it could be so bad for you. To think I would be better off eating chicken (yuck!) really bothers me.

    Now I just want to throw out the soybean sprouts. :(

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