Raw in Budapest

Hello to everyone here at Gone Raw!

I’ve been a member since September 29th so I thought is was about time for me to introduce myself. My name is Ingrid. I decided to go raw after completely an 8-day fast March of this year. Since then it has been an exciting and interesting journey.

I’m currently living in Budapest, Hungary with my husband, who by the way is not raw. However, he is extremely curious and always dipping into the things I prepare. Soon we will move back to my home State, California. I was born and raised in Los Angeles.

The recipes posted look and sound wonderful. I’ve posted a few and hope you enjoy them.

Kandace and Ray, you have a fantastic site and a beautiful community of friendly people. I am grateful and thank you.

I look forward to getting to know you.

All the best, Ingrid aka Nyuszi


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi Nyuszi,

    Welcome to Gone Raw and thank you for the kind words. I’ve heard that Budapest is an amazing city!

  • Hi kandance, yes it is amazing with lots of old world charm. Though Budapest isn’t the most raw friendly city, I have managed well. So far, it has been an awesome journey. Szia!

  • JunJun

    Hey Nyuszi..

    I am hungarian, just moved back from Florida to Budapest..
    I really need advices how did u survive there, and where do u go to eat?
    ..since the organic vegetable market is open only once or twice week, and what about the wintertime, or even nowadays, what can u eat?
    I am starving:(
    Thank u, I hope u know better:)


  • Hi Jun/Arlette,

    I read in your profile that you are a health educator from HHI. How long have you been at HHI before practising as one of their health educators? Sounds very interesting. I very much follow the vision on nutrition and raw food of Brian Clement and his wife. I listened to their interview for RawSummit2 last Sunday…it was a real eye-opener.

  • JunJun

    Hi there…
    I was at the HHI for 9 weeks. I just graduated 3 weeks ago:)
    So I am starting to practice now, if u wanna talk please send me email, I am not very often on this forum, and we cant really reach each other here.
    Brian will be in Netherland sometimes soon..or was it just now?? ..And some other countries in Europe as well, like U.K, and Switzerland etc.
    Contact me if u think:)


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