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Dr.Jubb's Cleanse

Has anyone here done Dr.Jubbs 14 day cleanse? What exactly does it entail and did you get results? Does it help with clearing up acne? Is there a website that explains it all, or should I buy the book?


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I haven’t done that cleanse… but, I’m about to start a mini-day cleanse this weekend. As for acne, I’m sure a steambath (hot-cold bath) would help open up those pores and clear your skin.

  • Mon46Mon46 Raw Newbie

    The cleanse is extremely complicated and includes having to drink your own urine. If that kind of thing appeals to you, you can contact Jubb’s Longevity here in NYC, and you can order the booklet that tells you how to do it. I took one look at it and knew it was not for me.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    hmmm why urine? urine is very acidic and too me would be very erosive and damaging to the body.

  • Mon46Mon46 Raw Newbie

    Ah, humananimal, once I saw “drink your own urine”, I didn’t look too deeply for an explanation. Call me a wuss, but way too hardcore for me. Not to mention how complex the entire regime is. It would be nearly impossible to have a life and do the cleanse. And BTW, it lasts 2 weeks.

  • hi, actually urine is not that bad tasting or acidic at all, especially when you are on raw food, which we are. Only requirement is the protein intake should be little less, So we may have to go little easy on seeds & nuts. I’ve practiced it for a while and found it good, at the very least not harmful in any way. It’s a completely different subject altogether and if we go by the material on internet, benefits are way too many to ignore, especially for those who are seeking recovery/relief from chronic illness. Just to get you started here’s a free e-book which will give you some understanding :


    For details read from page 47-77, it takes only about 1/2 hour but will throw light on all aspects of urine therapy.

  • I’ve heard of people using urine therapy before, but I personally don’t plan on it. I didn’t know that was part of his cleanse, so I’m going to pass on that idea. Jubb’s books look interesting, though (from what I could tell on Amazon). Has anyone here read them?

    Chefraw16, have you done the ‘3daycleanse’? Did you get good results?

  • urine is only acidic if your body's ph is acidic. as long as your eating a bunch of veggies everyday your urine will be slightly alkaline like it should be. if you're doing the cleanse to clear up your skin i have a few suggestions. i noticed your name chocoholic haha, i know chocolate is really bad for acne. it's a stimulant and stimulants cause acne. i used to eat chocolate all the time thinking it was good or you and my acne/complexion was horrible. i've heard a lotof good things about urine therapy. urine applied externally to the face with a cotton ball will clear any acne. also, i did a 4 day veggie juice fast (i began the fast with a colonic) and now i do a veggie juice fast 1 day every week, i cut out all stimulants/caffiene and all sugar except for fruit (i only use stevia to sweeten things), and i drink a ton of water and a cup of raw veggie juice everyday and my skin is amazing now. when i get the occasional chocolate craving i eat raw carob. i know this is late but if you're still struggling with it this will definitely help.

  • Your urine is actually good for YOUR body. I have heard of people buying pregnant women's urine becuase of added nutrients and whatever. I still don't get it at all but to each their own. I do know your urine will kill your athlete's foot!! Southern women used to and some still do take the urine soaked diapers of babies and wipe on their skin for any type skin problems. So maybe if you are doing a basically raw diet you could use your own urine as a type of toner for your face. I doesn't sound appealing but if it works why not do it the natural way. Try putting it on at night and wash it off with a mild natural cleanser in the morning.

    Since the subject of chocolate was brought up...I just ordered raw cacao from therawfoodworld [along with too MANyY other items LOL] but I have read/heard so much conflicting data about the benefits or detrimental affects. Anyone can speak from personal use either way?



  • Currently, I'm on my 7-day mark of the Master Cleanse, which is another cleanse you might try for acne... I've never heard of Dr. Jubb's, but I know the Master Cleanse... It detoxes your entire body. One may go on the cleanse from 3-40 days... I'm not so sure about energy levels for that long, but the cleanse also does well when paralleled with the consumption (minimal, I'm assuming) of raw fruits and vegetables (in a 1:2 ratio) and/or fish.

    It definitely clears up my skin... and helps me trim down!

    Just a thought.


  • greenlovegreenlove Raw Newbie

    THIS CLENSE IS THE BEST! Definitely buy the books. Get the book on colloidal biology and then the recipe book which includes the fasting instructions. I loved this and during the fast felt more amazing than I ever have. I swear by this fast! I did not drink my urine and did not do all of the vitamin packs or flushes. The important part of it is that you are consuming BLENDED raw meals. I had lots of soups, carob brazil nut milk and green shakes. Again, you don't have to drink your urine. I have done this fast and it is amazing. The detox can be extreme in which case mash up an avocado and/or banana and eat it as a pudding and drink lots of water. Good luck.

  • glamazon- that's awesome that you know about the urine therapy stuff. it is really good for you but people are so close minded they don't want to hear about it or try it.

    also, i know from personal experience that chocolate in any form isn't good for me. i don't consume any type of stimulant so i can instantly tell the difference if i have a little. i break out instantly from the stimulants and i get high energry and a crash just like coffee. chocolate is addictive also. the negative effects outweigh any benefits of raw cacao. i would subsitute raw carob for any chocolate. it tastes great and has no stimulants.

    here's a few little articles i found:



  • OceanBlissOceanBliss Raw Newbie

    Actually, chocolate itself isn't bad at all. It's the sugar laden milk chocolate that's bad for the skin. Organic dark chocolate is actually, surprisingly, good for the skin due to the high content of antioxidants. It can do a lot of good. However I'm not saying it's a choice for everyone because I do have a friend who cannot eat chocolate at all without breaking out on her chin, but in theory..dark chocolate (or raw cacao is best) is safe for healthy skin. Testing will definitely give you an answer.

  • Morning all!

    Thanks kellyinfncolo for your input and links you attached. I will check them out. Like OceanBliss, I had heard raw cacao is a good thing with more antiOx's than alot of other foods BUT I have heard conflicting views as well. All that put aside I do love it...even just the aroma intoxicates! Hmmmm I sound like a junkie hahaha I don't "have" to have it but thought it would be a nice addition to my transition. As I become cleaner I'm sure my body will let me know if it is a substance that it's not agreeing with. I'm still having a craving almost for bread type things. I caved in the other day and had a piece of Eziekel sprouted bread which I know is not raw but it was that, or a major carb binge LOL so I'm proud I didn't go completely over the edge. I hanging on by my nails LOL.

    I appreciate all of your inputs so thank you much.



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