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Spirulina and High Protein Raw

Is it true that spirulina has protein? I’ve been looking online for some sort of nutritional facts for spirulina, but haven’t found anything!

I have been putting a TBSP of spirulina into my morning smoothie, but I was hoping to find some other ways to use it.. anyone?

I have been [for the most part] following the 80-10-10.. HOWEVER, I lift weights and exercise regularly, and I’m trying to build a bit of muscle [nothing insane], so I’ve been aiming for a bit more protein, but still very little fat. Are there any good, low fat or nonfat sources of protein OTHER than greens? I usually have a nice big green smoothie [~32 oz or so] daily.. and it’s usually made with spinach and a piece of fruit.

Does anyone else have any recommendations/advice on building lean muscle and losing fat?


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Here’s a link that gives you a free ebook by Mike Adams, author and Health Ranger.It’s about spirulina and chlorella being the healthiest foods on Earth and why.


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I think I heard that seaweed is about 45% protein. Make sure it is really raw though.Sea Spaghetti is my favourite.

  • Check out this link:
    You can plug in any amount that you’d like. According to this site, 1 T = 4 g of protein.

    Other good sources of protein:
    Green Smoothies (If you need some recipes, please check out my site http://www.fountainofjuice.org/category/recipes…)
    Hemp seeds
    Sprouted Lentils/Alfalfa
    I also hear that flax seed oil helps with muscle gain

    Good luck!

  • Seeds are some of the best protein foods, especially hemp and flax seeds.

    The algae are the most protein rich foods on Earth. They are around 60% protein by weight, much higher than meat. I eat spirulina, chlorella, and Klamath AFA

    Bee Pollen is another food that is really high in protein.

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