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Has anyone put together their own recipe book with their favourites/staples? I’m thinking of doing this so I’m a little more organized, and prepared. Any ideas as to what’s a good number of recipes to have, or any other recomendations in general?


  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Hi Raw_Chocoholic~

    My suggestion is to make your “raw food bible” flexible so as your needs evolve, your bible can evolve with you. I would suggest getting a 3-ring binder (I prefer a “D” ring type, some come able to flip the top binder cover to the back so when you have it open it is just larger than a single page size and not a “double wide”). I also like the ones that have the clear cover that I can insert picture or something else to make it unique. Also get either the 5 or 8 tab dividers. If you get really anal about it like I am, there are two different widths of tabbed dividers, regular and extra-wide. I use the extra wide ones to separate general sections and then the regular width ones to subdivide those sections. You can make the tab inserts on the computer or handwrite them.

    Some sections you might have are: Resources, Articles, Recipes, whatever works for you.

    Inside the Recipe section you could make sections for: Shopping List, Techniques, To Try, Drinks/Smoothies, Main Dishes, Crackers, Snacks, Sweet/Desserts, again, what works for you. After you try a recipe you like,

  • rawgrammarawgramma Raw Newbie

    Bluedolfin – You are sooo funny! I do the notebook thing, too, and I love those post-it flags. I have them all over my books – all of my books, not just recipe books. These ideas are great!

    Raw-Chocoholic – The only idea I would add (to save paper, and running back and forth from PC to kitchen): I usually jot down a new recipe on some scrap of paper or junk mail envelope using lots of abbreviations to save time. Then if I like it, I print it out and stick it in the notebook. The main thing is to do whatever works best and makes the most sense to you, and have fun!

  • Hey Bluedolphin!

    I have a recipe book exactly like you suggested! 3 ring binder, clear cover, 8-tab dividers. My sections are: breakfast, breads/chips, sauces, spreads, soups, salads/sides, entrees, and desserts. I also have a whole bunch of resources stuff in the front, and a bunch of “why raw food?” type articles in the back. I even have a cover that says “The Raw Food (UN)Cookbook” with that bible passage about fruits and herbs and seeds as meat. I actually made the (un)cookbook when I first went raw, like the first week. It’s mostly recipes from here that I printed out. Probably well over 100 recipes, and I’ve actually tried a LOT of them by now.

    Also, more recently I’ve been too lazy to print new recipes out, so sometimes I just bring my laptop in the kitchen. I really shouldn’t do that though, I’m rather accident prone, exploding liquids out of blenders and such… probably not a good idea near the keypad! :P

    So tell me, what must I do to become a member of your “Team Anal”? I can get written letters of recommendation from old roommates/past boyfriends if required. I’m sure I should qualify! =)

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Raw_Chocoholic, Also, I would start out with a 1 1/2

  • The whole team anal thing is just too funny so I really had to comment. It’s nice to find something to laugh about. Lately I don’t seem to be laughing so much as being blue or worse so I wanted to say thanks for the smile!

    That being said I have to admit that I still use the old recipe card thingy (ok actually it’s just a small box with all the papers I’ve scribbled recipes on and haven’t gotten around to putting on my computer) I’m not what you’d call an organized person lately. My suggestion is a binder with 2 sections “Foods I like” and “Foods to try” then you can just “file” the recipes in order from most liked to least liked – rather the same way your emails get sorted.. Or if you’re into a more serious project you can take bluedolfin’s suggestion, which if I had the time I’d be doing it that way.

    Good luck on that!

    Oh and would the TA hazing be a master cleanse?

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    KurdishMom~ You just brought up a good point. If someone becomes constipated while on TA, they are put on probation until they get “regular”... Hazing? Nah… cleansing is mandatory… Our team is all about good… um… “back end” health… can’t be anal if things aren’t aflowing smoothly… brain gets foggy without it… 8) Hazing would entail something like pulling out the dividers in a binder or pulling off flags from pages… ;)

    You know… the card box thang works… however, not having time to put them on your computer tells me you are probably not anal enough for the Team… yet… A potential team member is obsessed and would “have” to stay up all night or whatever, to get the recipes entered. However, you did mention on another thread that you type stuff in on your cell or something like that… hm…. But handwritten recipes are way to free flowing for Team consideration… Bummer… you could have been our first international member… Sorry… 8(

  • It’s almost impossible to be too anal with a newborn requiring all of you time and a housefull of inlaws taking the rest but I still have my moments. :D the whole imputing thing also is influenced by the fact that we don’t have electricity until 5pm everyday until midnight. But thanks for the consideration.

  • I decided to go out and buy an artsy looking recipe binder with cards that match, and a calligraphy-tipped pen. Does that make me a good candidate for Team Anal, or maybe Team Loopy?

    mygreenmojo, I like your sections, yet I think I’m going to put sauces/spreads together and add a section for drinks/smoothies.

    rawgramma, I’ve been using the scrap paper system and now I have a stack threatening to fall onto my keyboard . . .

    bluedolphin, Love all of your ideas, espcially the shopping list idea. No more forgetting things and having to go back to the store! The flags should come in handy. I’m kinda tired of using torn scrap paper to bookmark pages and am morally against dog-eared pages.

    kurdishmom, It’s great that you don’t rely 100% on electricity. I think most of us are way to dependent on it. If we all had a similar system there’d certainly be less environmental problems.

    Now, I’m off to organize some recipes. Er, after I finish my schoolwork :-/

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Raw_Chocoholic~ Yes, that does qualify you for Team Anal. Anyone who would calligraphy recipes is way anal. lol Even analness can be beautiful. I hope you will post some pictures of your recipe cards so we can enjoy your expertise. :)

    Do to analness, for a long time, I didn’t write on the flags. Epiphany… Now I do at times so I have more info without having to open to the page. I can hear laughs out there… To those laughing, I bet y’all do things that other people laugh at also, so there. lol

    Enjoy your project.

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