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When do you eat.. when do you exercise?

This may seem like a silly question.. but my friend and I had a long discussion about when someone should eat and how long they should wait to exercise to make sure they are using the nutrition they received from the food they ate.. etc.. So, my question is when do you eat during the day? How many meals? When do you exercise? Daily general plan? Weekly general plan? And lastly, are there certain foods you eat in the morning/mid day to keep you from overeating later in the day? Are there foods that are more beneficial in the morning than in the evening?

Thanks in advance!

Oh yeah, I try to make my breakfasts something similar to a green smoothie [‘with fruit’] or something with spirulina in it..


  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    NEVER exercise right after you eat. The capillary beds around your digestive system are open when you eat, and your body needs to concentrate its blood and energy there to properly assimilate everything you’ve taken in. If you exercise you force your body to open capillary beds around your muscles, leaving less for the digestive system, and you will likely get a cramp (hence why you’re told not so swim after you eat, you’ll drown) and stress out your digestive system.
    I eat a green smoothie in the morning, a banana at school, a young coconut when I get home, later that night a big salad, and then another green smoothie. I generally exercise for about half an hour in the morning.
    Hope thats any help!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi Mango Woman: I try to exercise about 5 days a week early in the morning (about a half hour after wake up on the way to work). I’ve read that eating a tiny bit of carbs about an hour before workout and then a breakfast with carbs and protein about an hour later is ideal. I don’t really stick to that exactly, but do usually have a tiny snack before heading to the gym (I am also hypoglocemic, so I’m not sure I’d make it through a workout on a completely empty stomach, but my husband doesn’t eat before working out ever).

    This morning, I had a handful of raw bacon- on my way to the gym and then a salad after (as you can see, I don’t follow the carb/protein advice all that well). We also have apple cinnamon granola and bananas here at the office, so that was also a breakfast option. For lunch, I’m trying out BLT’s with the bacon and some sun dried tomato bread and some satsumas for in between snacks. Dinner is an unsolved mystery at this point.

    We also have a recipe here called frozen vanilla bliss that is supposed to be good for workouts.

  • Hi!
    I eat a lot of greens and fruits for breakfast. I don’t do a lot of smoothies though. I prefer to chew them after I woke up and while I go through my emails. Then I would snack on fruits later, and before lunchtime I have some fruits again, go for a run (usually 1.5hours a day) when I am back I have a massive salad. Later I love crunchy stuff like carrots or peppers with some raw dips made of seeds. For supper I usually blend dandelions, avocados and seasoning to make a smoothie. I snack on nuts sometimes as well.
    Good luck,

  • Hoopinhun, do you run 1.5 hours 7 days a week? I have been running for about 30-35 minutes three times a week, but I’m slowly improving my distance/time. I’d like to run more often but a few people had mentioned it not being good for the joints. I look forward to hearing more about your exercise regime. In about two weeks I’ll be starting a yet to be fully determined training of sorts to improve my cycling as well as my overall fitness. I’m open to any and all suggestions/advice/criticism! anything!

    Hoopinhun could you give an example of what you end up eating in one day?

  • Hi again,
    I do 1.5 hours about 4 times a week. It is pretty much up to the weather. In summer I am a lunatic and I am out almost every single day. But here I am in the British winter now, 4 a week is fine.
    I started off 2 years ago with walking. I was out of breath quickly. That is when I started my transition to raw food. Since I am doing better with my diet, I do well with the exercise. There is no day without me exercising. If I do 4 days running a week, on the other 3 days I do weights, spinning or hulahooping.
    I like to believe people what is good and what is bad, but most of the time I am really stubborn and do as I feel like. Years ago if I had to jump off stairs it was really painful. Now I run off-road in forests and English mud that is much like a marshland and I can jump without pain. I am training to be a physiotherapist and I am a massage therapist already, and my studies don’t suggest that I am overworking myself or if it was bad to do this much running. People say too much running is not good for u, and they also ask where I get my protein from… because no meat and no dairy or eggs is not good for me either. Well I believe in what I can feel.
    I am running for my health. I have to sweat and get rid of toxins because I developed RSI a few years ago, which means in winter I couldn’t do my buttons or brush my hair because I lost control over my hands. That was nasty. This gave me strength to turn to raw and forget about stir-fries or pizza… also every time I am out running in wind, mud and cold I just say thank you to God to lead me to this path so I have my hands back. My hands are like new.

    What I end up eating? Well I am a pig, so no short list here:
    500-1000gramms of fruit in the morning (e.g.today clementines) and I have a packet of leaves with me for the morning which I reach out for whenever I feel like (today it was 500gramms of baby curly kale leaves, but I like spinach also! :))
    before I run this is it. so the fruit I wrote about above is finished by the time I go for a run. I eat the last piece of fruit, I go and get changed and I’m off… so basically I am not worried about eating beforehand. What I am worried is the amount (I wouldn’t have the whole lot right before running) and I stop drinking about 2 hours before running. I don’t like bouncy water in my tummy.
    After running I have a big salad with celery, parsley, onions, sprouts, lettuce, 1/2avocado and a light dressing with lemon, some oil and garlic. But this always depends on what I have at home. I love any veg and fruit anyway. This is a really massive salad. I eat until I get full. After running I feel like being a pig. Once after running I had 6 bananas… that is greedy.
    Around 4 I get some peppers or carrots, anything that can be dipped into things like tahini or almond butter… that is about 2 big carrots or 2 big peppers.
    I go to school and in the one break that I have I have dried fruits or fruit leather that I make in my dehydrator. For dinner after school I make a smoothie of a big bunch of greens (usually dandelions), 1/2 avocado, 6-8 dried dates and either coconut or cinnamon – anything that goes well with sweet things.
    I snack very little – probably because I eat a lot anyway, but if I snack, it is like a handful of pumpkin seeds, walnuts or some dried apricots or raisins (raisins are nasty, I can’t stop eating them once I start).
    I drink a few cups of yeast extract hot drink which is fortified with B12 and is quite salty. After all the sweating I need salt anyway. I don’t think a hot yeast drink goes well with raw-food life, but I love it and it is still better than coffee. I used to drink coffee and I miss it very much, ever since I started this yeast drink, I am OK.

    Cycling is cool, so if u r thinking of doing that it is a good idea. I do that often. I use my exercise bike, not outside. I like fresh air, but in England it is not safe in all these funny country roads. I get fresh air anyway when I run. When I do my cycling I do about 1 hour, but with my bum up in the air. I never sit. I have some really good aerobic music on with a high bpm number and I sweat like a horse.

    I am just telling u what I am doing but that doesn’t mean it is good for u. Try it and see and if u feel funny and worry that people were right about joints because u r starting to develop something, then stop it. I didn’t come to this routine overnight. I gradually progressed. Also I can’t be bothered about people telling me I am doing too much, because it makes me happy. I smile when I run and cope with my daily problems. It is mental, not only physical. People say things because they are annoyed that they cannot be bothered to do any sports and u do more miles than their car.

    I am lucky because my day is split into 2 by part-time work in the morning then school in the evening. So basically I can go running between the 2. So this much running requires time management. But on the other hand I don’t watch any TV or read celebrity gossip…so what I save from silly things, I use for exercise.

    English is my second language, so if something sounds gibberish and u cannot find out what I want to say, just ask :)

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I am glad you all are talking about running and eating because I am struggling with this. I’ve been a runner (slow runner :)) for several years, completed two marathons. I always relied on the typical carb loading foods like pasta the night before a long run. I’ve found since going raw (about 85 percent I’d say) I struggle with my pre-run fuel. I usually have a banana before a long run, which I always did, but don’t feel as though my raw meals the night before give me enough stored fuel.
    Any thoughts? It could very easily be a mental thing and I’ve just gotten lazy!

  • I think it is greens that could help you. I experience a definite increase in my stamina ever since I graze. Before that it was difficult to run uphills and I just got tired easily. Try it and let us know how ur getting on.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    After reading elizabethh’s post, I thought I’d try a workout without a pre-workout snack. It went fantastic.

  • DelphineDelphine Raw Newbie

    Good morning Mango Woman & everybody else : )

    Personally, I enjoy having 1 tbs of spirulina before exercising (mostly AM + variety of sports) as it gives me instant energy, stabilize the blood sugar & is not heavy. Here is the link for the best RAW spirulina, I have found over the years www.heathlforce.com This company is owned by a beautiful living Food Couple & their sell representative: Lori is as delightful, feel free to mentioned I refereed you, I love supporting like minded businesses offering nothing but the best of the best. : )

    As far as nutritional tips, the more you will eat living food, the more your body wisdom will let you know what is the best food for you or not, we are all marvelously unique. In the meantime, I would like to suggest you to read Gabriel Cousens’ various book (see my website “Links Page” for his books listing: www.EmotionalSerenity.com) you might find them very helpful.

    Wishing you the very best.

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