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Gone raw graphics

First of all, I must say I LOVE THIS SITE to pieces! But I have one suggestion. Perhaps you should revamp the site in looks. Maybe a fun, hipper upbeat. Raw food is so awesome and the site should reflect that vibrant-ness! The green and cursive is nice, but perhaps it could get better. Just an idea!


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Sky Princess, if you have a better design, why don’t you submit it for consideration? I have not been as interested in the design as I have been in the photos of the recipes. Few sites offer those and that is what usually inspires me to try something new.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I love the look of this site because like rawjim, says it is clean and fresh.

    I do agree that it isn’t hip and trendy, but I think that is a bonus and makes Goneraw more inviting and accessible to a broader range of people – like older people or those who just aren’t into being hip and trendy! It also doesn’t seem “hippy ish” (if that is even a word!) which can also be a turn off for some.

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    I’m one of those older folk who likes it the way it is :-)

  • lol! TV westling . . .

    Maybe instead of the white background it could be a very very light sepia coloured background. Kinda like a plastered wall or something. I guess I’m thinking a Tuscan inspired theme would work quite nicely. I don’t think the changes should be anything major because the simplicity of this site is nice.

  • I really like the clean look it’s got right now. I agree that beautiful photos of recipes are more important than flashy graphics.

  • First, let me say that we have been thinking about working on the look a little bit. Not a lot… just a little bit. It’s been a year, and we’ve added a lot of features but haven’t really played with the appearance that much. I definitely agree about keeping the graphics minimal so the site stays fast… but it wouldn’t hurt to add a bit more character.

    Be warned – we’re basically graphic designers, and I myself have some pretty strong feelings about it! That said, if anyone does have ideas (or examples), we’d love to hear (or see) them.

    And thanks so much for all your kind words!

  • Oh no, I totally agree!!! I love this site the way it is. And I don’t mean a hip or trendy look, but something more vibrant…or like Raw_Chocolholic said, a light sepia, classic, but upbeat. (Does that make sense?) I totally agree it should stay classic so that it is more interesting to a broader range of people. I just thought like Ray suggested a few changes to make such AN INCREDIBLE SITE that much better! It’s great the way it is though!!!

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