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Raw in the Winter???

poemommpoemomm Raw Newbie

Okay, I’m looking for expert advice here:

We live up north and keep our house way cold, in this FL girl’s opinion… like somewhere between 55 and 62 degrees. This is largely to keep the heat bill under control so we can afford to do things like… say… eat properly.

So needless to say… I’m always freezing, lol.

I’m wondering, what on earth do you eat in the winter, when snow’s on the ground and it’s icy cold… especially if you live in a colder environment indoors…like me?

Any advice or recipes would be welcome. I’m FREEEZING here, and salads, as nice as they are, really aren’t appealing right now, nor are smoothies.


  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Miso soup (not “raw,” but it is “living”...with healthy, beneficial digestive enzymes) is very warming. If you want to stay all raw, then just add things like cayenne, hot peppers, ginger, garlic, etc to your foods.

    Or, use your dehydrator to warm up your foods a little before eating. That’s always a great trick!

    But, miso soup is very “warming” for the body and should do the trick. My all-time favorite brand is South River Miso (http://www.southrivermiso.com/index_steam.html). Organic and soooooooo delicious. Hope this helps! Cheers :)

    Last but not least….layer up and dress warmer!!! Obvious, but it works :)

    Kristen Suzanne

  • poemommpoemomm Raw Newbie

    Do you happen to know of any gf miso? I can’t have barley, alas, so it might complicate things…

    I’m trying to stay away from worrying about all versus some versus…

    I have started drinking a LOT of tea, lol. Which is somwhat more warming. But miso soup sounds lovely.

    What exactly does it mean to be ‘warming’ to the body??? Newbie here….LOL

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    I find that keeping indoors too warm makes it harder to cope with the brutal cold outside.
    I never use the space heater at my work no matter how chilly I get, it makes the walk home intolerable!
    I also steep slices of ginger in warm water all day long so I’ll have a nice uncooked ginger tea (though you can easily make it in 10 minutes if you don’t mind boiling) with some raw honey to soothe me after the hard walk outside. I also put ginger in my morning juice. The tuna salad sandwich and similar recipes do help a lot! Increase your green intake if you’re having trouble digesting extra fats.

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Check out South River Miso link I gave above…they have a variety of different miso. I bought one last year from them that was made with red bell peppers. I don’t see it on there now, but I see it in a catalog. You might want to call them and ask about varieties that are gf :)

    They have a “organic dandelion leek miso” (does have soy, brown rice, wild greens, etc) and it’s heavenly!!! So delicious and full of flavor.

    Warming the body means that its effect on the body is to warm it. In Chinese medicine there are foods that are categorized as cooling and warming to the body. I’m not well versed in it…but I know that miso is “warming.” And, every time I drink it, it keeps my body warmed for hours. It’s amazing.

  • KristensRaw -

    Thank you so much for your info about miso – I have a pile of packets at home and thought that I wouldn’t be using it anymore. I didn’t know that when heated it is considered live! And I’ll be needing it through this Ottawa weather. Also, I have been craving salt so it’ll be perfect.

  • poemommpoemomm Raw Newbie

    Yay! so much helpful information!!!

    I’m still considering a soapstone stove… but of course we’ll have to wait and see about that.

    I’ll check out the miso link. YUM!

  • PamPam

    This may be too obvious, but I tend to be cold, too, so I never eat anything right from the fridge. I let my salad (or any other food) sit on the counter to bring it to room temperature. Also, I put jalapeno pepper in it, though some people here don’t eat hot peppers. Typically I eat salad “naked,” but in the winter a dressing makes them “wiltier” and more appealing somehow. I use a peppery Caesar type dressing made with avocado that warms me right up! Let me know if you would like the recipe. As for smoothies, I usually drink it then plug in the space heater. ;o) But, in lieu of that, you could have it right before a warm shower.

  • poemommpoemomm Raw Newbie

    great ideas! I take a lot of showers in the winter, lol… yeah, hook me up with the dressing – I love caesar dressing!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    We have a recipe section here called warm. There aren’t a whole lot of recipes there yet and I’d love to see more, but the carrot soup there has been quite warming for me.

  • poemommpoemomm Raw Newbie

    Looks yummy – I’ll be trying some of these recipes soon!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I highly recommend the soapstone stove! It’s our only source of heat and although it looks pretty small, it’ll burn 8-12 hrs easy with a good solid wood. When it is frigid outside, it helps to keep it burning hard but I wouldn’t trade this baby for anything!

  • You know, I have been experimenting with warm soups. Using just warmed water, like to 110 to 115 degrees, with soaked hot to mildly hot peppers and blending everything together until it’s warmed, then adding things in like cayanne pepper and garlic etc…it keeps me warm. I am trying to adjust from moving from California to Maryland weather and the drop in temperature is KILLING ME!!!! So I too am doing all I can to keep warm.

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    harmonylia i did the opposite, moved from maryland to california…you poor thing! I know i have no right to really weigh in on this topic (but i get cold to justified or no, in our mild winters ;) i agree with you on spicey for heat plus i warm things gently on the stove with my trusty thermometer…i dehydrate too! where did you move to in MD? I lived in hereford north of hunt valley( up the 83) for 11 years….i miss my farm house and my horse trails;( toasty thoughts!

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