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Ok, I have to get out a little bit of appreciation.
I watch house MD. I love this show, despite my distrust of modern medicine, mostly because I love Hugh Laurie.
So im watching dvds of old episodes, and there’s one about two parents who put their child on a raw food diet. (i may mention here that when describing this diet they said “tofu” (ummm…not raw) and “almond milk” which you don’t give to babies…showing just how much research the writers of this show put into the episode). then the vicadin addicted doctor instructs the parents to start giving their baby “human” food, which judging by his diet, consists of lollipops, drugs, cotton candy, and black coffee with sugar.
So naturally this pissed me off at first, but then later in the episode, it was discovered that the baby had a genetic problem that didn’t allow her to gain weight. Reminiscent of a real case, anyone?
Anywaaay its nice to see a little bit of sanity on TV sometimes…just thought I’d share that.


  • There was a Law and Order: SVU episode that I remember from some time ago. They portrayed abused kids whose mother forced them to eat a vegan diet. I can’t remember all the details, but she was crazy for other reasons, but they sure wrapped veganism right in with the rest of the crazy part. The kids were caught eating thrown out scraps of chicken in a dumpster.

    I was raised lacto-ovo vegetarian and I certainly never craved meat – wouldn’t have eaten it out of a trash can to save my life! My grandmother used to try to force us to eat over-cooked pork loin. It was horrible!

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