Instant Raw Sensations

Does anyone own this book, or have any favorite recipes from it? I bought it a couple days ago and am hoping it arrives early next week. I like the idea that Frederic’s recipes are simple, follow the rules of proper food combining, and are low in fat but I’m wondering if his entrees/salad dressings are as good as I’m hoping they’ll be.

Also, has anyone bought his ebook “Learn any Language in a Flash”?


  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I have instant raw sensations too, what do you think? I think I must like more spice than he does, but the simplicity is nice :)

  • i have the book too. I love that they are so incredibley simple. Sometimes that is just what I need instead of being fussed/confused over what to have. I made the gazpacho but didnt really think much of it…but then again I didnt use garlic.

    I read something in Raw secrets (I think) that he now thinks that some of the recipes in his book are still too fatty but, not as fatty as some I have seen.

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