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I’m very concerned about the recent talk about young thai coconuts being treated with harsh chemicals in processing. This concerns me because I eat at least one or two young coconuts on a daily basis. Does anybody have a reliable source of information on this topic, beyond general suspicion?


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    Sell organic coconuts, includes info on coconuts:…

    Raw Food Menu – all food organic except coconuts (shows hard to get)…

    Hope this helps.

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    I have heard from several rawies that the “Best” brand of young coconuts are not treated. You can get them at Asian store. It will have a little sticker on it that says “Best” (ya that is the brand/company name of it).

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    oh thats so good! i buy only the “best” brand!

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    Right now, there are no certified organic young coconuts – this is mostly because in places that they are grown there is either no organic certification or the farmers that grow the coconuts can’t afford it because it is expensive to become certified organic. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t organic.

    If you are picky about the it saying “organic” on the sign at the store than you might not want to buy. And, in just in my opinion, I have had both the young and the mature and the mature are not the same taste and texture – a lot less water and the meat is hard so it takes forever to get it out of the shell. I even have a special coconut tool for getting the meat out of the mature coconut and it took so long and it was so much work – I decided it wasn’t worth it – not definately something I would do on a weekly basis. If you eat or use a lot of coconut – you will be doing it often too! Better to buy the Organic coconut that is dried and soak it in water to get it like a coconut milk. :)

    I heard that there will be a place that will be offering Organic thai coconuts soon – I have no idea when it will be or where they will be coming from. When I find out more details I’ll post them.

  • Had the pleasure of living for 30 years on a island with lots of coconuts-am a great lover of same. The coconut is used by all islanders in all of its four stages of growth. 1st green nut, for drinking fresh. Very thin ‘flesh’ is edible by infants. 2nd stage white shell, thicker flesh, not usually eaten because of taste & lack of fat. Fed to the ‘critters’.. 3rd stage- brown shell- flesh fully matured with high fat/nutrient content. Best for coconut ‘cream’ & making oil. Easy to use if one knows the ‘howto’..4th stage. Sprouting nut called the ‘apple’a spongy white interior with a very high protein yellow skin. The 1st,3rd & 4th stages have often sustained human life when necessary. Like many other aspects of our lives its all in knowing ‘how’..some interesting info turns up googling ‘coconut’...Since I don’t live in the US I don’t know what the ‘young thai’ coconuts are that you refer to but a white shelled 1st stage drinking nut only lasts a day or so before going off so it probably has to be treated to last. And ‘certified organic’ is sorta odd since I never saw a coconut tree that was not organic- no sprays, no fertilizers – just a tremendously strong root system supporting a fantastic tree.

  • sorry good people- left out a important fact..4th stage is sprouted..a young tree to be..with a powerhouse of nutrients to keep it going till roots are in the ground-and delicious sweet somewhere that the yellow skin over the white interior sponge is something like 75-80% pure protein..

  • I was in Jamaica last week and had the pleasure of eating young jelly coconut everyday. I was amazed at how much coconut water was in those compared to the ones here in US stores. Where does the US get their coconuts? I do not care for the taste of them. I find it significanty different than Jamaican coconuts. The last day there I had a horrible stomach ache and as soon as I ate the coconut meat I felt better. Go figure. Did this island coconut have some healing property. I wanted nothing more than to stay in Jamaica and live on coconuts.

  • Seems like all good food has ‘healing’ property..the more we know about the coconut tree- the more of a miracle it becomes..the only oil when heated that doesn’t become transfats..does good things inside the body- and out(the best for skin protection)..a newborn babe can survive on the jelly that Vegfean mentions..only problem is its a ‘tropical’tree that doesn’t like it cold.. hmmm neither do I..

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