Hello from Mopoke :)

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First I love Raw Food :) – It makes my body sing and it helps me ‘hear’ the singing of the world.
Second I love all the people here who have posted their own stories and knowledge. You have given me a map to follow, and I am a better person in a thousand ways because of you.

I became a genuine raw foodist in early May, after being ill with a debilitating mystery malaise for about 8 weeks in the earlier part of the year (symptoms: too weak to get out of bed, toxic body odours, and burning lips and tongue, with the tongue erupting in minute excruciating red blisters every time I consumed anything unhealthy)....I healed it a bit with fasting and rest and heathy food ( I was a pescarian), but then went away for a few days and realised that nothing I ate was agreeing with me. Enter RAW FOOD :) The dogs had been eating a BARF diet for years and thriving, and sometimes I had suspected their morning mush was healthier than what I was eating.. I’ve since found it’s true.

More info: Two dogs, (both large poodle X) one husband, 3 grown children – wish I had gone raw when they were growing up :( – and I am 51 years old.
Within six weeks of starting the diet I was going through a dramatic physical metamorphisis that took off 12 kilos, (in the early days I did a few Hulda Clark liver flushes with dramatic results as well) and somewhere along the line people started commenting on what a glow I had :)... oh and my physiotherapist said my sternum was physically opening after about five years of clinical pilates!
Before raw I was pretty much a wreck – oversensitive digestion, hypersensitve emotionally, hunched physically, weak nails, poor sleep, overweight, binge eater, poor complexion…..stressed to the max…..
Now – except for the nails – all better!

First I had my old Champion juicer and trusty Bamix, which is a whiz for raw food – a strong kitchen wand with a mill attachment that grinds up just about anything. Then I got a cheap dehydrator. Now I’ve finally discovered green smoothies I am using our blender a lot more too.
First ever dehydrator recipe: The lemon cashew cookies posted by kandace..YUM.
I haven’t joined before this because of being shy about being public with any internet stuff; from forums to ebay to amazon to blogs and myspace etc (owls like the dark!)but now I have jumped in I am setting up a blog too :)

..And I guess that’s me in a nutshell -raw and probably macadamia.


  • DelphineDelphine Raw Newbie

    Welcome !!! : )

    Wishing you the best of the best on the wondrous journey called life !

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