Blender Philips HR 2094, should I buy it?

Hi, I’ve been searching for a good blender for some time and when I visited a friend in Belgium he had this blender… I made green smoothies in it and it was really good. I didn’t use it for making any heavy duty food though, nor for making nut milks. I’m considering buying this model since it has a glass carafe and the filter insert is really good, does anyone have any experience with it? The non-toxic Vitamix 5200 model is not available in Europe (expensive, anyway) and this other model I’m eyeing is the Chinese copy of the Vitamix, Omniblend Sell Blender…. for about 240 euros (my raw food teacher uses it for 4 years and she’s satisfied), but yesterday I went to the store and they confirmed that the company only sells it with a polycarbonate carafe :((( All ideas are welcome.

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