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Help me plan trip to Ca and Sedona?

debbietookdebbietook Raw Master

Hi everyone

Last night I started to hatch a plan for a trip from UK to California and Arizona to include – WAY-HAY! – three days at Sedona in September for the Raw Spirit Festival. We’re thinking of hiring a motorhome.

Now, I’ve looked at a few websites, and the atlas, and I’m just wondering if any of you lucky people who actually live out there could help me on the logistics/feasibility. We’d like to take in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sedona of course, and possibly Las Vegas. Is it realistic to cover these locations in a round trip (so we can book return flights) in three weeks? Can anyone suggest a route?

Also, is it safe??? Will we get lost in deserts or robbed by bandits? :-) Husband thinks a motorhome is like a hoarding saying ‘look – naive tourist inside!’ (You can tell I’ve seen too many films…) I would be so grateful for any help anyone could give on how to do this.


Debbie Took (UK)


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I love Arizona… I’ve planned several itineraries, for friends and myself.

    Well, I’m not too familiar w/ SF, LA, & LV; only been there a couple times. But, Sedona… is great! What if you skip LA and try to go to the Grand Canyon from LV to Sedona? Or if you are outdoorsy, Bryce Canyon/Zion?

    In Sedona, I highly recommend the Pink Jeep Tours or you can just do your own hiking around the rock formations. You’ll need a red rock pass to park at these kinds of places. Also, lot’s of people visit Chapel of the Holy Cross or Slide Rock too. You can get the parking pass at the visitor center across the street from Tlaquepaque. Tlaquepaque is also worth seeing; it has lots of art galleries. And, there is a raw restaurant somewhere in Seonda… haven’t been there though. Do try some cacti while you’re in AZ. Or cactus fruit like prickly pear!

    If you’re coming from Flagstaff (i.e. LV) take scenic Oak Creek Canyon road instead of I-17. The road is mostly downhill from Flagstaff to Sedona… and one tight, steep turn for the motorhome.

    Leaving Las Vegas? You’ll be going through Hoover Dam. They do have tours there… or you can just stop to walk around and take a look.

    Sedona is pretty safe; can’t speak for the other places.

    What kinds of things do you like to do? If you’re looking for outdoor type things, I can make some recommendations… also, there’s Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon almost along-the-way. I lived in Phoenix & Tucson and there’s lots to do at these places. Tree of Life is in Patagonia, but that’s totally out of the way. If you’r headed that way, let me know… I can make several recommendations for things to do there. I just visited Tucson a few weeks ago, to show my husband around. It’s further south… and east… but we went to Chiricahua NP, Kartchner Carven SP, living Desert Museum, Saguaro NP, Bear Canyon/Seven Falls, Biosphere 2 , and didn’t have time for Kitt Peak due to cloudy nights.

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    debbie, had to laugh out loud at your post… in a good way!;) motorhomes are big out here especially in AZ you will blend in darling! you will blend in! will you get lost?, probobly not but its good to make sure you have water and snacks when crossing any stretch of desert…you just never know! as for your itinerary….you will be driving ALOT!!! If its a leisurly trip with lots of sight seeing you want, i would limit my driving to up the 101(freeway) between LA and San Fran. then fly to Pheonix and drive to Sedona with or with out a motorhome. driving from LA to Sedona is just not a pretty trip, its prone in spots to high winds( not good in an RV) and there are no real nice places to stop. If you like barren desert then you will see lots of it but if you want a taste of desert with some pretty rocks and canyons just do the drive from Pheonix, AZ. As for Vegas, I see the appeal, but as a west coast transplant, ive been there twice in my life and it was one time to many….hmmm,itinerary: fly into LA drive to San Fran over a few days ( really only takes 8 to 10 hours but thats with no stopping to see all the great stuff in between) fly to Pheonix drive to Sedona and if you really want to drive more desert, then drive to Vegas and fly back to LA…. just my thoughts the flights from LA to Pheonix and LA to Vegas are short and affordable and plentiful…hope this helps. Maybe ill see you at the festival!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    That is great advice omshanti. Flying to AZ or NV from CA. The flights should be affordable. Even southwest has good deals (you won’t find Southwest on travel.yahoo.com).

    There’s lots to do do in Phoenix…even on the drive up – Montezuma Castle, Arcosanti. Just depends what you like to do.

    Need ideas for Phoenix?

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    germin8, I used to sell artwork to the Robert Shields Gallery at Tlaquepaque and did many outdoor art shows in Sedona. It is a gorgeous place. You are lucky to live there.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Wow… nice. I don’t remember all the shops there. But, Tlaquepaque is nice. I especially like it over Thanksgiving when they have the Christmas lights all over for people to tour.

    I don’t live in AZ anymore. Just toured a lot of it while there and I still go back every now-and-then.

  • 2 things: First, I live in San Francisco… so what do you want to know?! I highly recommend the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market on Saturday. It is a fun experience and you can stock up on some great food to have in your RV for the road trip. Fresh fruit, veggies, and RAW almonds!! Sciabica Olive Oil has a booth there. We also have good vegan (cooked) and raw restaurants. Alive on Lombard (they also have a booth at the market), and Cafe Gratitude (3 locations) are both raw. Herbivore is a really good everyday vegan restaurant. Millenium is a fancy vegan restaurant – mostly cooked but with many raw menu options – AMAZING food.

    2nd thing: I was just in Arizona over the weekend visiting my boyfriend’s parents. We were in Phoenix/Surprise and went to Sedona for the day on Saturday. It was beautiful. We also went to Montezuma’s Castle on the way. I highly recommend visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross. You can usually find people handing out “vortex” maps, which direct you to the spots in Sedona with a higher spiritual energy, such as Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Airport Road.

    As far as the RV rental, check ahead to make sure you will have a place to park it in SF (or in a suburb outside the city might be easier). SF has lots of easy public transportation since you probably don’t want to drive the RV through the city. Also, you can probably rent a GPS unit (like a Tom Tom) with the RV to help you navigate and not get lost.

    Happy Travels!!

  • debbietookdebbietook Raw Master

    Hi everyone
    Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you. The information you’ve supplied so generously and enthusiastically will help me enormously! Love, Debbie Took

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Sedona. They have a raw restaurant 89a, right next to the Red Planet diner. There’s another good restaurant, D’Lish, on 89a and Dry Creek Road on the West side of town that has several raw options, including nut milk, raw pate and a whole raw platter. Very good. And a great health food store, New Frontiers. There’s an RV park on Schnebly Hill Road and camping in Oak Creek Canyon. I suggest you book those places early as Sedona tends to fill up. Ditto if you opt to stay in a hotel. Last year all the hotels were booked up during the Raw Food festival.

    There are wonderful hikes, drives, etc. all over Sedona. The best people to advise you on which hikes etc. to take are in Canyon Outfitters, a shop on 89a in West Sedona. If you want to really treat yourself, book a helicopter flight/day trip to the Grand Canyon.

    I agree with Omshanti about driving vs. flying. Also, I’m curious about the appeal of a motor home. IMHO it will add hassle and complications to your trip, as well as expense. Anything you save in lodging will be more than eaten up by motor home rental and fuel costs.

    How many are in your trip? If you need more than 1 room, the way to go is to rent a condo or house. Check out foothillsrentals.com or vrbo.com for those. Vrbo.com has rentals in SF and LA, too.

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