Dr david Jubb

I was looking into Dr. Jubb’s Liver cleanse. Has anyone experienced it? I would Love to hear feedback.


  • Anyone?? I may go this Sunday to Jubbs place in NY and I want to hear feedback about it. :)

  • ive also been thinking about going up to NYC and visiting Jubbs place. i live in Northern VA.

    i just finished reading Colloidal Biology, his newest book. Very dense but highly interesting. this guy is rewriting microbiology.

    I’m planning on doing the 14 day lifefood fast as soon as the holiday season is over and i have some time away from my family, who are all SAD eaters.

    little one – if you go to Jubb’s this weekend, i’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you talk to him face to face. it’s difficult to judge where someone is coming from until you meet them.

  • David Jubb is the real deal. He and Annie Jubb have done some brilliant work.

  • I went to Jubbs and have a few mixed feelings. The liver flush is a bit pricey. I walked out of the store with 3 4oz bags of herbs, 3oz of tea, instructions for the cleanse and $270 less. I still need to get the other supplies which will probably cost around $50. His programs and advice are the best and I would trust my life with Jubb. Although, I do wonder what herbs are in the mixture because I know I could find them for a lot cheaper. I took 2 of the herbs last night because they said I could start the herbs since I have been on raw foods. OH WOW! Not an easy mission. I was gagging and this morning I didn’t feel right. I’m sure this cleanse will only do good for me but wish me luck. I’ll update if anyone is curious! Have a happy New Year!

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