Vericose Veins

A family member of mine seems to be having trouble with vericose veins. I was wondering if any of you has had this and has treated it naturally or if a healthy lifestyle has benefited this problem? Any suggestions would be welcome. I would really like to offer some good, natural solutions to her, but vericose veins is one topic I don’t know much about.


  • shawnieshawnie Raw Newbie

    My mother had them, but them got them either bleached or removed…. Anyways some things that have helped her is not putting too much strain on your legs, not crossing them and putting your legs up over your head at least 15 minutes a day.

  • Buckwheat is said to be very good for veins (I believe the beneficial substance in buckwheat is rutin). Vitamin C is essential for veins and cappilaries. Sometimes varicose veins are just a gift from our family tree, and can’t be avoided. (Even althletic, healthy lifestyle people can inherit the problem!) Support socks/stockings can help legs feel better, and keep the situation from getting worse. In really extreme cases, they can “strip” the veins which makes them disappear. The circulatory system re-establishes itself with new blood vessels. (Amazing, huh?) Ames-Walker website has some free download pdf files that talk about varicose veins and some things that might help. Hope this helps somebody! Too late for me, you’ll never catch me wearing shorts or a bathing suit! ;-)

  • people who are on their feet all day (such as people who work in retail, etc.) are more likely to develop vericose veins. if someone has to be on their feet all day, it is better to walk/move around rather than stay still….

  • You might want to visit a homeopathic doctor. I’m not positive but I think that Aesculus or Aesculus compound is supposed to help with both vericose veins and hemmrhoids (sp?). Good luck.

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