My sister-in-law is wondering why sulphur is bad for us? I hadn’t thought about it before and now I’m really curious about it. I know it’s bad, but hadn’t thought of why? She’s not talking about MSM or any good sulphur, she’s talking about the preservative in say, dried apricots or any dried fruit. What does it do to us that’s bad? Thanks, a lot.



  • I don’t think MSM is a good product at all. Chemical synthetic sulphurs are not accepted by the body, they just clog it. I like to get sulphur from my foods: garlic, cabbage, etc.

  • I mean is the sulferic acid that’s used to preserve dried fruits…why is that bad for us? Are you saying, Birdseed, that the chemical synthetic sulphurs are the ones used for preserving? And I’m curious, Birdseed, why you think MSM is bad? I’m really interested why it would be.


  • They say that say that dried apricots (which is what I have in mind) are supposed to be brown and ugly if you buy them and that’s a sign there’s no coloring or sulpherized stuff in it.

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