Green Cleanse

I’m doing the Green Smoothie Cleanse this week and I’m wondering if anyone else has done it here. Would anyone be willing to share how they felt afterwards and during? Give some helpful tips if you have any as well. Thanks.



  • I did the one with Frederic Patenaude (as part of his Green for Life program) and it was wonderful! I had recipes, daily journal to keep on track, daily support e-mails. I wasn’t hungry and the smoothies were yummy :) Having no solid food for a week gave my system a nice break and I felt amazing afterwards. I lost a few pounds (but didn’t have much to loose to begin with) but my energy level went through the roof! I strongly recommend doing this cleanse, you’ll have fun.

  • I haven’t done the actual full cleanse but have spent time having at least one or two smoothies every day. I was quite amazed by the results by just doing this and make it part of my routine now. I noticed an increase in energy and also a general sense of well being. It is as though you actually get high from increasing the amount of greens in your diet.

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