South America

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So is anyone here from or actually living in South America?


  • Right On! I was in Jamaica a few weeks ago. Pineapple, melon, orange, and coconut galore. I was engaging in friendly conversation with a local when I asked, “Where would be your ultimate travel destination?” He replied, “Brazil! Where the most beautiful women in the world live.” I thought this was so cute and wanted to share it with you. I think this Jamaican fella would love you raw or not!

  • AleBrazilAleBrazil Raw Newbie

    Right on!
    I am beautiful! Plus we have sweet pinapples, yucky melons, sweet and cheap oranges, people selling coconuts at every corner.

    So if you want to come visit, feel free!

  • All4RawAll4Raw Raw Newbie

    Are Avocados and Greens abundant in South America?

  • AleBrazilAleBrazil Raw Newbie

    All4Raw Yes!

    Avocados are very easy to find and most Brasilians of all ages eat them. We have a culture of drinking frsh fruit juices, you can get one at any corner snack shop for cheap.

    As for greens we have all kinds of greens and you can buy them for dirt cheap in farmer

  • Hi there ale.. I

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