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I was hoping I could get information. My dad found out he has bersitis (sp?)/arthritis. He won’t go raw but does eat alot of vegetarian foods. Does anyone suffer from this or know of anything to do naturally to relieve the pain. Thank-you,It’s been a long time since I have been on-line,glad to be back and thought you would all be a good place to go for this info.Happy-New Year!


  • Hello! I’m no expert, but I have read a lot of information from a couple of doctors who promote low-fat vegan diets to help decrease symptoms of bursitis/arthritis, and particularly avoiding dairy products seems to make a big difference in their experience with their patients. I have mild bursitis in my right hip, and I know it was helpful for me to remove dairy products from my diet. I know you said that your dad eats a lot of vegetarian foods, but sometimes that can still include dairy. It might be worth removing dairy from his diet, if he is still consuming dairy products, to see if that makes a difference. I wish I had more information to share with you, but perhaps this will be helpful in some small way.

  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    As well as dairy, another impact on arthritis is grains. If you google “grains arthritis” you will find so much more info than I can possibly give. I have heard of success stories following a no-grain diet for arthritis sufferers, as well as abstinence from the nightshade family.. tomatoes, potatoes, capsicums and chillies, etc.which all seem to aggravate the condition.

  • also a liver cleanse is supposed to help with bursitis. here is one:…

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    My stepmother has severe rheumatoid arthritis and saw wonderful improvement on a diet like freesia mentioned. Hers was: no meat, no dairy, no grains, no nightshades, no citrus. She ate a lot of cooked rice and steamed veggies, in addition to raw fruit and veggies. For some, that kind of diet is easier to consider than the thought of going all raw. But my stepmother was so impressed with the results of that that now she’s moving toward raw. If your dad is able to see concrete improvement, he may be the same way. Good luck.

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