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Hi All,
What to you think is the best way to get up to speed with raw food education to get/have the knowledge to stay raw and motivated? Would you attend a 1-2 week stay at a place like Ann Wigmore Institute, Hippocrates, Tree of Life or Creative Health Institute (or other) or would you attend a food prep course or series of courses? Or would you/have you done something else? If you could only do one of these for financial and/or time limitations, which would it be? Thank you for the feedback in advance.


  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Hi Linda~ What keeps you motivated? Seeing cooking demos? Learning about the nutrition? Hearing from “experts”? Animal issues? ?

    Even though I have never been so I can’t tell you how the classes are… check out Living Light Raw Foods Culinary School. Their program includes nutrition classes (if something like that would interest you and add to the “tools” you have available for your practice). I didn’t notice if you can get CME units from any of the classes… two birds with one stone? They also have DVDs. Maybe someone has gone to this school that can give you feedback on their classes. Check out the vids on the site.

    Another option is to get some DVDs and CDs from all sorts of sources and make it a habit to view/listen to them on a regular basis. I think something ongoing might also benefit you to keep motivated.

    I would love to go to the Raw event that happens in Sedona… I don’t recall the exact name right now…

    As it has been metioned a few times, Markus Rothkranz is touring (or putting together a tour) in what looks like a raw rock concert… looks very interesting.

    To hear some experts for free, there are podcasts through itunes from Raw Vegan Radio. There is also a “premium” service that charges… The website to get details about the speakers and also download podcasts if you prefer not to go through itunes is Raw Vegan Radio.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I’ve been thinking about this for months!

    I thought… maybe the Living Light Culinary Institute… or the Raw Vegan Network’s raw food certification program – on your own time and only $300. Same for the CHI one, but no certification. I did not learn much in Alissa Cohen’s class… although, I had fun attending the class… I didn’t learn zilch, zip, nada about the science of enzymes/germinating, sprouting, dehydrating, etc. Of course, I already knew all that… I just thought the class would be MORE, but it isn’t. Way too basic for me. And, I teach much more than that in my own classes… tons more! This is why I hesitate taking any of these other online courses… or going to Living Light Culinary Institute, until someone convinces me otherwise. In the meantime, I would choose more scientific courses with emphasis on raw or greenhouse management or gardening (real organic food!)

    But, I also think working at a raw food restaurant or place where they make bulk raw foods and sell them at stores is great hands on experience. Or you could volunteer… of course, that takes your own time and money.

    As you mentioned, maybe going to Wigmore Institute, Hippocrates, or Tree of Life would be great. It wasn’t my option, because I’ve already been to two different health/cleansing programs each 10-14 days long. That was enough for me… unless, I’m sick and need serious cleansing.

    But, I always love to attend raw food talks. Those are very motivating for me! Just need to find them. And when we travel, sometimes the trip is planned around going to eat at a raw food restaurant.

  • Thanks for your comments. I agree with you, germin8, I’ve done a lot of self-education in raw food and I’d hate to waste my time and money attending a week or a class that is too basic for me. I’ve been looking at the Living Light Culinary Institute for months as well! Where did you go for your health/cleansing programs? Did you find that it was worth while?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I didn’t go to a raw, vegan health cleaning program. It was vegan cooked & raw.

    I went to Eden Valley in Loveland, CO. Looking back (from what I know now), it was a mild cleanse. They had vegan cooking classes and one vegan raw food class. Plus, plenty of good healthy information. That was 2001.

    Recently, I went to The Voice in the Wilderness Mission near Savoy, MA. This was the most intense cleanse I’ve been through and absolutely nothing invasive! It was wonderful. There were days of fasting and all meals were raw except one meal. This one was well worth my while for health reasons. I came back healthy! ...but, you have to be prepared for the change after the program… you have to be ready to be vegan – raw or cooked. Had I continued raw, I would be in a good, healthier place! But, I didn’t… I ate cooked food; I was craving it. The effects of the cleanse last 6 months in which they recommend a tune-up. But, I didn’t go back for a tune-up… I thought I would be able to continue my own healthy living with a few salt water cleanses when my “system” feels “clogged”. I’m doing pretty well. I would go back to this cleanse if I needed it; and it’s one I recommend!

    Someone told me about Dr. Im in Washington state having a raw food cleansing program. I heard it was great… but, I don’t know any details.

    I think the Living Light Culinary Institute is a great idea. But, I would like to know what I would learn there that I can’t learn here at home by trying different recipes on my own. I’d like to skip the basics and go straight to the part about creating yummy meals no matter what ingredients I have.

    Are you looking for your own personal growth or for starting a business… or something else?

    Let me know what you decide… I’m still deciding!

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