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To Vita mix or not to Vita mix - is it that much better?

MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

I am seriously considering taking the next step in equipping my raw kitchen and upgrading the basic blender I have for something more sophisticated (like the Vita mix!). I read that the really good ones grind everything up that much better and last forever.
But my son says why not just work my way through six normal blenders (or more) and in the meantime save money.
My question is to people who own one of these machines – are they worth it?
And what can you do with them besides green smoothies?
Thanks :)


  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    Hi Mopoke,
    I used to have a normal blender… and then I got the Vitamix.
    What a difference it made to the way I prepared food.
    Now I can chuck in a capsicum, tomato, carrot and garlic and make a very yummy smooth dip for my cucumbers. My old blender would just make a rough smash of things
    Any veggies blend so smoothly, you wouldn’t know they were vegetables, it’s almost as if they are homogenised.

    I also grind flax, sunflower, sesame and other seeds to make a paste.
    Frozen fruit is made ultra smooth in seconds. If I compare smoothies in the Vitamix, what I had before .. they were lumpies.
    I use the Vitamix everyday and have never regretted the expense.. after all, I don’t buy meat, dairy or grain products so there is the balance of expenditure.
    I guess you’re as limited as your imagination with the vitamix or similar blenders. I really do try everything … blended salads, sweet corn, celery soup (bliss!) salsa sauce,
    (Hey , do you remember the poem with the Mopoke… Mo…Poke
    Who was that that spoke? – Hist Hark by CJ Dennis .. I loved that poem!)

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Hist Hark the night is very dark ….:)
    Hi Freesia, a fellow sandgroper!
    I use my Bamix mill for all grinding seeds, concocting raw chocolate mixes etc – it’s a perfect size for one and there’s minimal washing up, which is why I am wondering how much use I am going to get out of a Vitamix…... but after reading Victoria Boutenko’s book about the benefits of green smoothies I am thinking that, even if it is just for smoothies, it might be worth while… but then again I am tossing up between getting the Vitamix or upgrading my dehydrator…...
    Are you in Perth?

  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    Yes, Mopoke, I’m in Perth.
    Since I last posted, I have been reading the thread on whether the polycarbonate vitamix blender is toxic… I will definitely buy the new non- BPA jug when it is available in Australia.
    I’ve never used a Bamix,..
    If you like, you can come and visit and I’ll demo the vitamix for you, that way you can see for yourself how it operates and whether it’s worth your while.
    ..that’s if you are in the general Perth area..?


  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Hi Freesia :)
    I just read that thread too! Hmmmmm.
    That’s sweet of you to offer to demonstrate the Vitamix and I would love to take you up on this, but am not sure about how to safely share contact details.
    I live in Fremantle … If you are in a nearby vicinity we could connect in a cafe and recognise each other by the ‘glow’ :). Otherwise I read on Raw Vegan Princess’s site about a raw food picnic coming up at Hillary’s (I think)

  • I have had my Vitamix for about 4 years and have never regretted it. Before going raw I used it on a daily basis. I am amazed by what can be masked in a smoothie, raw or not when it is made invisible in the Vitamix. If you have a family that is not eating raw, you can make them whole meals (hot soup, cheese for mac, etc.) in there. The reason I bring this up within a raw forum is because preparing food for others is a reality and the easier it is for us, the less tempting (at least in my opinion).

    At this point I can honestly say that I use mine 3-4 times a day. Really! I use the dry container less often ubt am happy that I have one. I just got it last year at a big box store and have had lots of fun with it too.

    Get one :)))

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    Definitely upgrade the blender! I love my vitamix so much. The texture I get is really drastically different from other blenders I’ve used. I used family members’ blenders over the holidays and realized just how much I took the Vitamix for granted. I had a quite nice blender before, but it just doesn’t compare to the vitamix.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I love how smooth you can get things. We especially like it for smoothies, nut milks, dressings, raw soups (let it go long enough and it will be boiling, so keep an eye on it), grinding grains, and making things like eggless eggsalad (although, my only complaint is that if it is too thick it shuts off and you have to wait about 20 minutes to turn it on again…does anybody else have that problem?). FYI Jack Lalanne sells his own version that looks and works exactly like the 5000 vitamix for $150 with a 100 year guarantee! It is called the Jack Lalanne Health Master 100. You can see it at this site or google it and find different offers on the web. Heck, you can try it out and if you don’t like it return it I guess…make sure that is an offer that is offered by the company you buy from.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Here is where you can see the comparison on their official website…

  • RAWMAMA- mine shuts off for only 3-5 minutes. If you unplug it for a minute and plug it back in, it helps. If you know that you have really overheated it, let it rest a bit longer. It stops for a reason.
    Hope this helps!

  • So get the Vita-Mix! It is worth ALL that money, every blessed cent. You won’t regret it, the cheap ones are a pain. I KNOW! I’m crazy about the Vita-Mix!


  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Thanks Hippie Chick. The book said to let it rest for 20 minutes, but I’ll try what you said. It’s weird, that anything too thick, even though it’s moving around and I’m using the plunger, stops mine. I can’t get things that are thicker super smooth, have to use my hand held Braun if they are thicker :( BUT that is only goopier things, not liquidy things. Smoothies are smooth as can be! :)

  • RAWMAMA- did you ever try the dry container for that kinda stuff? Just a thought…

  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    Hi Mopoke,
    Perhaps I’ll see you at one of the raw picnics. I don’t know if I’m going to the one at Whitfords beach as yet. The offer still stands,though.
    By the way, Kitchen Warehouse in Osborne Park has the spirooli food slicer for $19.95. I love that thing, I use it every day.

  • With a Vitamix, do you still need a food processor? And if so, can someone recommend a good one. Thanks!

  • I do use my VM as a FP sometimes, but honestly because of the big container, a lot gets wasted down in the hard to reach bottom. I have a really good FP, but end up using the super cheapy attachment that my ancient blender came with. SOmeone gave me a Bella Cucina (copy of Magic Bullet) for the holidays and that works fairly well for small pates and stuff and cleanas up in like 5 seconds.

  • I have a small cheapo, but when I make anything big, I have to keep dumping and remixing.

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Thanks everybody….It sounds as if owners are enthusiasts and upgrading would definitely give me the chance to play around with more recipes :).
    Plus there is a certain pride in owning a really high quality piece of equipment (my Champion juicer came into my life about 18 years ago and I have never regretted that expense)

    Freesia I think Whitfords is a long way from where I live so I am not certain about the picnic either. What suburb are you please, as I would love to see one in action.

    PS THanks for the tip on the spirooli! I have been using my Benriner mandolin to make ‘pasta’ etc but don’t think it’s as good as the spirooli would be!

  • Hey Rawmama. I have a vitamix and i make very thick smoothies with lots of veggies and i haven’t had a problem with it overheating (hold on, i need to find some wood to knock on). I don’t use the plunger either. What i do is turn the switch on and off, on and off, on and off several times. this causes the bulky items to drop down into the liquid and begin to process. by it not running non-stop, it is not really heating up. then once i get it going, i open the top and drop more produce in. this technique has worked very well for me. i hope this helps.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Hippie Chick and RCBAlive…thank you for the tips! I haven’t tried the dry container (duh, didn’t even think of it) but will try that and also try the on/off trick :) Who knows, maybe I have a dud, but still wouldn’t trade it for anything but a vitamix ;)

    We have a KitchenAid food processor and love it! It has 2 different size bowls and 2 different shredding attachments in addition to slicing blade and S blade. My favorite is the fine shred disc (which does not come standard with a lot of food processors anymore) because the shredded pieces are so fine and easy to pick up with a fork if you do this to make a shredded salad, unlike the big shredded carrots you’d find at the salad bars.

    I love the magic bullet for dressings and other liquidy things that you need to blend in small quantities. I don’t like smoothies (like the vitamix for that) or thicker foods in it (like making dips from nuts and dates for example).

  • My pleasure

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Aren’t we lucky that all these gadgets have been invented to make raw food more interesting :).

  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    Hi Mopoke,
    I’m in Warwick, northern subs… would you like to meet up on a Friday? That’s my day off work. I’m fasting at the moment so haven’t got much food in the house. You’re welcome to come to my humble abode ..or we can demo the vitamix at your house. Whatever is easier. I haven’t been to Freo for a while, so I don’t mind the trip, I always feel at home there.

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Hi Freesia ! Thanks for the posting and the invite.
    I will call you tomorrow!
    I need to go up to Ikea at some stage (and now I also very much want to check out the spiroolis :) – But the Fremantle markets are also open on Friday down this way and you are very welcome here, so whichever appeals to you most.
    As far as your fasting goes, if it’s at your place I would bring stuff including some soaked almonds etc as nut milks are one of the things that have not really grabbed me yet…
    Cheers :)

  • I know that I am responding to a comment that was made days ago, but it got me thinking. Isn’t is better to buy 6 so-so blenders? That is the way I use to think as well. Always have something new and fun, right?
    Well here is the catch…garbage. Where do those 6 blenders go…
    “FOOD” for thought..

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    You’re right Hippie Chick :) Thanks for the reminder:)

  • Definitely worth it to get a super-blender. I have a L’Equip blender and the nice thing is that it has adjustable speed. I can turn a knob and make it go as fast or slow as I need. Also, the metal lining on the bottom of the blade apparatus was chipping off, so the company sent us a new one. The new one is fine. Also it is less $$ than a vitamix, but has less horsepower. Check it out.

  • GulayG1rlGulayG1rl Raw Jr. Superstar

    You don't need one, but I really love mine :) I wrote about my experience with the Vita-Mix here:


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