Party food!

Hi All!
Yesterday I made my first meal for non-raw friends. They were open to trying raw food (even a bit curious). My food was a hit. They all asked loads of questions and are going to try to make some of the things.

My topic is: What kind of meals do you host for others that have gone over well???
Can’t wait to hear because these folks are coming back for more!!

Here is what we had:
Cucumber water (just cold filtered water with thin, unsliced cuke slices floating around)
App: Nut pate on cucumber (yes, again) slices decorated with coloful microgreens
Soup: Warmed coconut soup with coconut noodles,spinach, lots of fresh herbs and very spicy!
Salad: Green Papaya salad with lots of shredded, colorful veggies and topped with black sesame seeds
Desert: Chocolate truffles (see my Brownies in a Pinch Recipe)


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