Raw Pizza

Help!!! I’ve been vegetarian for 4 years, vegan for 1, just got turned on to raw in the last 3 months. I have to say that pizza as a vegan and now a raw foodist has been very unsatisfying. Vegan cheese sucks! So, I’d have the Amy’s roasted vegetable pizza…still not the same without the gooey cheese on top. Raw Pizza has been yucksville. I’ve tried several recipes with no luck. If anyone has a good recipe I’d be willing to try it! But I’m thinking more and more that pizza is just going to have to be an ancient SAD memory…


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi, I have a really good pizza recipe which I think may help you out. It was my staple food for about 6 months while I was ‘transitioning’. It is from Shazzie’s book Detox Delights. I will post it in the recipes section under the title ‘Shazzie’s Pizza’ for everyone to see. Give it a go, even though it sounds weird, it comes out really well.It is a bit different from other raw pizza recipes I have seen and tried…

  • Cheers mate! I’ll report back when I’ve tried it…fingers crossed!

  • Does anybody have any idea what I could substitute buckwheat sprouts with? I can’t find them and I have never sprouted anything.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi rawgirl, There’s no substitute for buckwheat for this particular pizza, it really makes it. Buckwheat is very warming and comforting and it tastes wonderful in the crust. I have found buckwheat easy to get here in the UK. It’s in our normal supermarket, and in most health food shops. Maybe a USA raw person could be able to tell you where to get buckwheat from over there. For this recipe, you don’t have to sprout the buckwheat if you don’t want to. You can just soak it for 4-6 hours and then drain it and use it like that… Sprouting buckwheat is actually very simple. All you do is soak it for 4-6 hours until it is soft, then drain it and spread it out on a dinner plate. Then you leave it to sprout for 24 hours, rinsing and draining it once during that time, and once before you actually use them. They are finished when you see a 1 mm tiny tail coming out of them. Don’t let them go any further than that. It is worth sprouting them because you’ll get so much more nutrients out of them, but for the taste and texture of the pizza crust, it makes no difference whether you soak or sprout them.

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