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How to use nutritional yeast in raw food recipes

I was wondering what I could do with nutritional yeast other than making cheese though I am interested in cheese recipes, I want more than that. Can I add it to my juices? I think it will dissolve and not be too much fiber but I do not know.


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    That is a good question considering aI bought a big jar and only need a few tablespoons at a time. I used nutritional yeast for a dressing and also for a curry (I think). I don’t know what else to use it for. What did it taste like in your juice?

  • Nutritional yeast in Juice?? That’s something I wouldnt do. lol I love nutritional yeast. Its like salt to me and a little sprinkle of that in everything I make adds so much flavor.

  • skizzyskizzy Raw Newbie

    you can sprinkle it on a salad like you would cheese. i’ve done that and it’s pretty tasty. i mostly use it for cheese recipes though.

  • We keep a little crock with a baby spoon on the table, filled with a mixture of 3 parts flake yeast to 1 part dulse flakes, ready to sprinkle on salads, or whatever.

  • ShannonM-

    I get those rashes too! My cheeks, knees, and belly get all blotchy and hot. My naturopath told me that it’s probably a reaction to an excess of vitamin B12- maybe that’s what’s goint on with you?

  • susannabellajanesusannabellajane Raw Newbie

    I stir nutritional yeast into olive oil until thickened (several heaping TBLS) and then salt to taste, and keep it in the fridge in a covered jar. I pull it out as a spread on ‘bread’ or crackers, as a rich dipping sauce for vegetables like cauliflower, as a butter-like dressing on shredded cabbage and vegetables (warm veggies in dehydrator for 30-40 minutes to wilt and then add ‘butter’ and allow to warm together for another 15 minutes). My grown children still love brussel sprouts, steamed until tender, cut in half and then drizzed with yeast butter. I used to pour 1/3 cup nutritional yeast per bowl over hot buttered popcorn, and the little SAD neighbor kids would lick the bowl clean. Great stuff!

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    mmmmm, you make it sound so good.

  • I used to mix nutritional yeast, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and cayenne pepper. Then I would take wet pieces of seaweed (nori, wakame, dulse) and dip them in the seasoning. It was really tasty.

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